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How CAT Solved their Faring Challenges
Is Safety Your Number One Priority?

If the safety of your passengers and employees is your number one priority, then the question is are we really achieving it? What makes a transit agency safe and how do we ensure constant vigilance with transit safety?

The FTA says MAP-21 and getting your assets in a State of Good Repair (SGR) will ensure we have safer transit agencies. How?

Become a Safer Transit Agency
Never Before has Accessibility Been This Accessible

Transit should be inclusive – for every passenger. That means you need to offer comparable service on your paratransit service as you offer on your fixed route service. How?

Make it easy for paratransit passengers to book and cancel trips from the palm of their hands. That means fewer calls to your call center and reduced cancellations and wait times.

DART's Transition from Manual to Automated Operations

Index cards and spreadsheets are not the best way for a transit agency to manage employee schedules and runs - but that’s what Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) was using which led to a lot of miscommunication and human error. They were looking for a way to automate employee scheduling and reduce miscommunication between operators and supervisors.

Read Their Success Story
Case Study
Better preventative maintenance compliance means more buses out the door and more on-time routes - here's how RFTA did it.
How Roaring Fork Doubled PM Compliance
Case Study
In this case study, learn how after leveraging data from on-time performance and productivity of routes, they were able to increase their days of service from 255 to 362 days.
From Bare Bones Transit to Award-Winning Transit: How MMT Did It
Most riders are looking for three things to be integrated: safety, real-time communication and advanced technology. Dive deeper to see how a piece of bubble gum might be able to help you with all three.
The Transit Trifecta
It’s true we won’t know the precise moment of natural disasters, but we do know that they will happen. Learn which natural disasters might affect your agency.
Are You Prepared for the Top Natural Disasters that Affect Transit?
The SGR mandate is here - now what? Here's how you can get started to achieve a SGR by the deadline.
State of Good Repair: Real-World Solutions
Case Study
In this case study, learn how after streamlining workflows and standardizing reporting they were able to reduce their reporting time from 3 months to just 1~3 days.
How Sound Transit Ensures Asset Safety and Streamlines Reporting
Case Study
In this case study, learn how their switch to a predictive replacement maintenance model resulted in $2.4 million in annual savings on the operational budget.
How Metro Transit - St. Louis Realized $2.4 Million Annual Savings
If you're not tracking these KPIs, you'll be off track when it comes to managing your transit employees' productivity and efficiency. Learn the benchmarks you should be striving for here.
Is Your Agency Running Smoothly? - FX
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