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“Customers can buy tickets using their phone at any time from wherever they happen to be. It saves them searching out the cash to buy a ticket and speeds up getting on the bus as they simply show the ticket on the phone display to the driver.”

Mike Woodhouse, Marketing Manager, Arriva Bus UK

Trapeze EZFare

A critical responsibility for you as transit authorities will always be cash management. As an agency, moving at the speed of your riders requires the flexibility to accept modern, smarter forms of payment.

Your challenge is evolving to accept modern forms of payment in an efficient, profitable manner that is convenient for both your agency and your customers.

Enter Trapeze EZFare

EZFare addresses the current needs of your customers with the built-in ability to expand and grow as future needs and new technologies arise. All components of the EZFare system have a high level of built-in security to ensure that the revenue you collect is protected.

Let’s get technical…

EZFare is modular in design and includes validating farebox, smart card solutions, ticket vending machines, station validators, retail point-of-sale equipment, customer service terminal, customer web portal, garage data exchange systems, handheld inspection devices and a central management system.

Trapeze EZFare Core Components
Reloading Terminal
CPU Electronic Smart Card
ID and Triple DES Security
Cryptographic Key System
Full Backend Host
Management Workstation
Data Concentrator
Ticket Validator
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