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Quiz: What Type of Transit IT Guru Are You?

Feb 28, 2017
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Inbox: 100+ unread emails.
Phone calls: 10+ since you woke up.
Ongoing projects: lost count.
You take a deep breath and dive into another day of wearing multiple hats for your transit agency. On top of that you are also responsible for managing day-to-day operations and ensuring what you have on your plate aligns with the agency’s overarching goals.
With what seems like a never ending list of responsibilities, how do you better use the limited time within a day to optimize operations?
First step: Figure out what type of IT professional are you.
Second step: Review result and learn how you can leverage your strengths to your advantage.
Third step: Get started with the quiz below!


  • Question 1 of 6
    You’d best describe yourself as someone who:
    Always has new ideas on how to improve and shares them with others
    Has a business mindset which shows when you have to make executive decisions for new software implementations
    Makes sense of chaos, laser-focused on managing multiple projects on the go and executing them on time
    Embrace change and want to help others to develop that mindset
  • Question 2 of 6
    There’s an opportunity to change your day-to-day processes, you:
    Encourage the team to come up with new ideas and present it to management
    Wonder how do I manage and execute it
    Are hesitant as that could come with a hefty price tag
    Jump on the opportunity and tell the team about potential ways that can improve operational efficiency
  • Question 3 of 6
    When you come across new software, the first thing that comes to mind is:
    What’s the cost and ROI of implementing this?
    How will this impact my team and what’s the implementation process?
    How do I get everyone on board so they see the value?
    I’m going to suggest it to management and the rest of the team
  • Question 4 of 6
    There’s new software that can improve your operational efficiency significantly. You:
    Educate the rest of your team on the value of new tools in order to keep providing the best experiences for end users
    Get excited about the potential impact to give riders a better transit experience
    Worry about its scalability and whether it’ll integrate properly with existing systems
    Wonder how much improved efficiency will reduce costs
  • Question 5 of 6
    If a new software isn’t integrating as well as you’d like, you would:
    Suggest new options that you’ve heard would integrate with existing systems
    Use the occasion to instill a new way of thinking with the team; perhaps there’s something you can change to better integrate with the new software
    Get in touch with the vendor immediately and voice the issue
    Schedule a team meeting to troubleshoot the issue
  • Question 6 of 6
    How do you keep up with the latest in transit technology?
    I join different forums or groups and get the rest of the agency on board
    I write about the latest tech trends and speak at conferences to learn from my peers
    My first priority is to get my work done every day; if I have time then I’ll get to it
    From business-related news and websites
  • Fill in this form to see your results
  • Operations
    You are an operations guru!
    You care a lot about managing your projects, executing them effectively, and creating order at times of chaos. Leverage your strength by helping others on your team better organize their responsibilities so together you optimize efficiency.
    See how your agency can increase employee productivity while reducing costs in this one-page summary.
    Find Out How!
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    Here are all the available types of IT gurus you can be:
    You are an innovation guru!
    You love bringing new ideas to the table and know that they can help push your agency to the next level. Leverage your strength by encouraging others to constantly be on the lookout for better ways to do things and perhaps add that component to your next team meeting.
    See if your agency is innovative in this blog post.
    Discover now!
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    Here are all the available types of IT gurus you can be:
    You are a business guru!
    You look at technology from a business lens and you care about the ROI of new software. Leverage your strength by clarifying the value of having new software or upgrades to relevant stakeholders.
    See if your agency is running smoothly in this infographic.
    Compare Now!
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    Here are all the available types of IT gurus you can be:
    You are an education guru!
    You’re aware of what’s happening in the tech space and think that your agency should be as open as you when it comes to necessary changes. Leverage your strength by educating others and establishing an environment where they feel comfortable to seek new opportunities in improving the transit system.
    See how your agency can mine key insights from a large volume of data.
    Check It Out!
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    Source: Mass Transit
    Here are all the available types of IT gurus you can be:
    You are an all-rounded guru!
    You know the A to Z of everything in your agency and are aware of what needs to happen to take your transit system to the next level. People come to you to seek advice on topics that range from tech innovation to business operations. Leverage your strengths by bringing a new perspective to your team.
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    Here are all the available types of IT gurus you can be:
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Michelle Hsu is the Marketing Engagement Coordinator at Trapeze Group where she focuses on content, social media, and marketing operations. She's worked for B2B and B2C startups in various sectors - FinTech, EdTech, and CSR. She recently graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from the Rotman Commerce program at the University of Toronto.
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