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Intelligent Transit Reporting

Imagine you could find a consultant who was efficient enough to make strategic recommendations and organize them into an easy to use dashboard based on all of your historical data and current industry trends. Right now you’re probably thinking that a person like this doesn’t exist. It is not humanly possible to compress that amount of data into actionable, insightful advice.

Enter Trapeze ViewPoint

ViewPoint is a transit intelligence reporting solution that assists all levels of your management team in making well-informed, timely business decisions. Reporting, monitoring and analysis are all challenges you face within your agency.

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Let's get technical...

ViewPoint integrates key performance information from across the enterprise into a “Transit Data Mart”. The transit data mart enables interactive, thin client and browser-based access to management and performance reports as well as graphical dashboard screens.

Business Intelligence Core Components
Real-Time Dashboards
Responsive Report Generation
Topic Drilldown Capabilities
Service Standard Notifications
Operations Management Performance Indicators
Seamless Database Integration
No Cost Dashboard Updates
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