DATS, Edmonton Transit System (ETS), Alberta: Advanced Transit Intelligence Reporting

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DATS, Edmonton Transit System (ETS), Alberta: Advanced Transit Intelligence Reporting

DATS, Edmonton Transit System (ETS), Alberta: Advanced Transit Intelligence Reporting
It is great to have the information available that is provided by ViewPoint. The software is pretty impressive, and it looks as though the system has great potential. It is always important to have facts!
- Lorna Stewart, Director of DATS, Edmonton Transit System

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Edmonton Transit System (ETS) is the public transportation operator for Edmonton, Alberta. Serving a population of well over 780,000, the ETS delivers almost 70 million annual passenger trips.

The Disabled Adult Transit Service (DATS) is ETS’s paratransit service providing door-todoor public transportation for registered pre-booked passengers. DATS operates 172 vehicles for approximately 10,000 registered clients. DATS provides over 922,000 demand response trips annually.


Before implementing Trapeze ViewPoint, DATS did not have a Business Intelligence reporting tool in place. As a result, in many instances, reports were incomplete. Frequently, DATS staff had to involve the IT department in order to find answers to basic queries, such as the number of trips taken by an individual. The annual customer satisfaction survey was one of the main sources to track the overall on-time performance of DATS vehicles.

In the past, when councillors and third parties requested information to follow up on riders’ concerns, DATS employees often could not provide accurate information. If they could get the information, they would do it for a small window of time, say, a few days or a week. The process of getting information was manual and tedious.

DATS was first introduced to ViewPoint at Trapeze’s annual user conference. DATS staff was impressed by the off-the-shelf package that had been designed specifically for transit. They also liked that it would provide a means to mine their data in a systematic fashion.

Type of service:  Paratransit Transport
Number of vehicles: 172 Paratransit Vehicles
Trapeze products used for paratransit services: PASS, PASS-COM, PASS-MDC, PASS-WEB, PASS-Infoserver, PASS-IVR, ViewPoint, CERT, OPS, among others


DATS installed ViewPoint, Trapeze’s transit intelligence tool, to allow agency employees to easily access, analyze and distribute operational data. ViewPoint, an Executive Information System, provides DATS with a single point of access to all of its key performance indicators. In addition, the highly scalable solution has been configured to generate agency-specific reports, including a dashboard summarizing individual client on-time pick-ups, total bookings, cancels, no shows, etc. allowing staff to quickly respond to concerns raised by riders on their trips.

Each night the system imports data from all demand response back office solutions, consolidates it into a data warehouse built for Business Intelligence reporting and makes the data available for analysis by DATS staff.

ViewPoint allows agencies to configure and develop their own reports. DATS configured ViewPoint to meet its specific needs and currently uses the system to generate monthly reports and client dashboards for agency executives, client correspondence and third party information. DATS also uses ViewPoint to monitor the on-time performance of its vehicles. This information is distributed using built in email and file share distribution tools.

Results / Conclusions

With ViewPoint, DATS employees have the ability to look at on-time performance, ride duration and number of client cancellations over time. This allows them to reliably tell clients their historical trip performance. Councillors have been impressed with the historical data that is now available. ViewPoint provides an easy way of managing and monitoring trends and identifying issues that would otherwise not be apparent.

In the future, DATS plans to use ViewPoint to monitor even closer on-time performance, scheduling status and trip durations. DATS hopes to work towards using ViewPoint as a centralized reporting tool and ViewPoint may be used to enforce agency policies as well. DATS hopes to use ViewPoint to publish data on a regular basis giving them feedback on how they are doing as a system overall, hoping to motivate, inspire and recognize contributions of staff and clients and helping them to feel part of the greater whole.

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