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Demand Response Scheduling and Dispatch Solution

It can be challenging (or impossible) to manually plan an efficient trip that perfectly maximizes the number of passengers per revenue mile. We hear you. Sometimes passengers miss their rides or request service last minute. All of these variables cost your agency money and as a result, makes demand response an expensive offering.

This doesn’t have to be the case. We’ve created a full demand response suite that focusses on the balance between minimizing your operating costs and providing excellent, responsive service.

Enter Trapeze PASS

PASS is an advanced scheduling and dispatching paratransit application developed to support the transportation management efforts of demand response transit services. PASS delivers a comprehensive solution for client registration trip booking, real-time scheduling and service dispatching.

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Where’s my ride?

PASS integrates GIS mapping, enabling users to precisely geocode client addresses and destinations, calculate trip lengths and distances for accurate scheduling, and zoom in to view detailed information about the service area.

Demand Response Scheduling and Dispatch Solution Core Components
Client Certification
Mobile Computing
Coordinated Transportation
Web-Based Trip Booking
IVR trip booking
Commendations and Complaints
Automated Call Backs
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