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“We felt it was important to find a vendor that could be a ‘one-stop shop’ for asset management solutions. Given the business that the CTA is in, asset management is extremely important. Implementing the Trapeze system will allow us to improve our bus and rail car availability thereby improving overall service to our customers.”

John Flynn – CIO, Chicago Transit Authority

Trapeze EAM

Your population is exploding and your community is leaning on the infrastructure your agency has built, more now than ever before. Increasing in tandem with your rapid population growth are the expenses involved in maintaining vehicle equipment assets.

To continue to offer the safe and reliable public transportation your agency is known for, you need asset and work management tools that track your equipment and infrastructure over their lifetime.

Enter Trapeze EAM

Trapeze EAM is a comprehensive transit asset management software application designed for tracking all transit infrastructure for which the agency is responsible: rolling stock, facilities assets, maintenance of way, etc. Trapeze EAM allows agencies to reduce the cost of owning and operating infrastructure, while extending their life and keeping them safe to operate.

What is Enterprise Asset Management?

An integrated fleet enterprise asset and maintenance management software solution that is instrumental in improving agency performance through increased equipment and asset availability, decreased maintenance and repair (M&R) costs, and increased utilization.

Transit Enterprise Asset Management System Core Components
Asset Management
Work Management
Materials Management
Preventative Maintenance/Inspection Scheduling
Shop floor workflows
Out-of-the-Box Reports
Warranty Recovery
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