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Customer Success

“One of our goals is to efficiently process all the information we integrate.
The introduction of Trapeze APC Gateway takes us a step closer in achieving a fully integrated system. Gateway’s proven algorithm boosted our confidence in the APC/ridership data.”


Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

As your agency grows and ridership increases, dispatchers are flooded with more data every day. This data is vital for daily operations and leads to informed decisions that keep your mobile assets maintained efficiently, your operations on time and ensure you're meeting the information demands of your riders.

Meet Trapeze TransitMaster CAD/AVL

TransitMaster CAD/AVL is designed to maximize your dispatcher efficiency by providing them with data that is organized into key information. The solution automatically coordinates real-time data by displaying the top priorities to your dispatchers so they always know what needs to be done.

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Let’s Get Technical

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) provide innovative technologies to your management team that help you make more informed key business decisions. Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) systems together form ITS, which is primarily used to manage real-time operations in the control center and on the bus.


Address the full circle of your business

Easily standardize agency best practice across the entire user group

Grow operations with a customizable decision engine


Intelligent Transportation Management Systems Core Components

Core Components - Vehicle Management
Automated Vehicle Monitoring
Core Components - Reporting
Business Intelligence
Core Components - Batched Scheduling
Single Point of Log-On
Core Components - Trip Booking
Cover Alarm Features
Core Components - Mapping
Intelligent Decision Support
White block for Core Components - Dispatch
Customizable Decision Engine