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Unleash the Power of your Public Transit Agency

The challenges your transit agency faces every day are no match for innovation and strategic thinking. When you’re armed with the right tools, battling population growth and other challenges associated with connecting your modern community are no match for you.

Fixed Route Software that is designed and developed with your agency in mind makes your team more efficient, keeps your buses on schedule and your passengers on time.

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How DART Increased Employee Productivity

“Before, attendance was tracked by having each operator punch a 3x5 card into a time clock and then writing his name and run number on the card. At each bus division, this involved well over 100 operators coming through in a couple of hours at morning pull-out. You can imagine that this was a less than satisfactory solution.”

Steve Meyer, Transportation OPS Analyst, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)

See How DART Changed Their Operations
Discover Technologies That Keep You Safe

In addition to improving productivity and efficiency, technologies that are developed for transit agencies are among the few that support your priority of passenger and operator safety and reliability.

How do you account for driver and passenger safety when vehicles are moving throughout your service area?

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Most riders are looking for three things to be integrated: safety, real-time communication and advanced technology. Dive deeper to see how a piece of bubble gum might be able to help you with all three.
The Transit Trifecta
It’s true we won’t know the precise moment of natural disasters, but we do know that they will happen. Learn which natural disasters might affect your agency.
Are You Prepared for the Top Natural Disasters that Affect Transit?
The SGR mandate is here - now what? Here's how you can get started to achieve a SGR by the deadline.
State of Good Repair: Real-World Solutions
Case Study
In this case study, learn how after streamlining workflows and standardizing reporting they were able to reduce their reporting time from 3 months to just 1~3 days.
How Sound Transit Ensures Asset Safety and Streamlines Reporting
Case Study
In this case study, learn how their switch to a predictive replacement maintenance model resulted in $2.4 million in annual savings on the operational budget.
How Metro Transit - St. Louis Realized $2.4 Million Annual Savings
If you're not tracking these KPIs, you'll be off track when it comes to managing your transit employees' productivity and efficiency. Learn the benchmarks you should be striving for here.
Is Your Agency Running Smoothly? - FX
Case Study
In this case study, learn how we're working with ACI and RTD Denver to manage the world's first public-private partnership for public transit.
Managing the Nation’s First Modern Public-Private Partnership For Public Transportation
Case Study
Learn how Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) improved communication within its operations to better manage its scheduling and bidding requests.
How DART Reduced Costs and Increased Employee Productivity
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