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Managing a paratransit or demand response operation is a complex challenge. Simply put, managers of transit agencies have a lot to deal with. This includes scheduling and dispatching, managing customer bookings, dealing with complaints and reporting to stakeholders.

Technology that is designed and developed with your agency in mind makes your team more efficient, keeps your fleet on schedule and your passengers on time.

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Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) are being used extensively in virtually any industry that employs a fleet of vehicles, and are especially valuable to paratransit organizations. The benefits of AVL/MDT technology combined with scheduling and routing software for paratransit agencies are clear: managers and office staff can use these technologies to improve on-time performance, streamline operations and reporting, and improve customer service.

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In this webinar, we discuss the tools your demand response operation can use to effectively leverage the wealth of data your agency holds.
Business Intelligence for Demand Response
In this webinar, we discuss how intuitive web-based client applications can help your agency deliver better service to your paratransit customers.
Self-Service Tools For Demand Response Passengers
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In this eBook, learn the key service metrics that your paratransit service must master, and why business intelligence is transforming DR.
Business Intelligence for Demand Response Service in Public Transit
Learn how to achieve fast, efficient, quality service by utilizing business intelligence to forecast and understand the future.
Predicting the Road Ahead
In this demo, learn how PASS, an advanced scheduling and dispatching paratransit application, offers a comprehensive solution for client registration trip booking, real-time scheduling and more.
Product Demo - Demand Response
Discover how to empower your supervisors with an intuitive mobile solution capable of tracking the real location, status, and activities of your demand response fleet.
Trapeze SupervisorMate Webinar
Achieve seamless coordination between agencies, to improve customer satisfaction and service. Read how in this whitepaper!
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