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Unleash the Power of your Public Transit Agency

The challenges your transit agency faces every day are no match for innovation and strategic thinking. When you're armed with the right tools, battling population growth and other challenges associated with connecting your modern community are no match for you. 

Fixed Route Software that is designed and developed with your agency in mind makes your team more efficient, keeps your busses on schedule and your passengers on time.

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CATA Leads the Way

"What we can process electronically in one hour, previously took tenfold as many hours to process by paper and pencil. Operators have enjoyed having more access to their own information. We even had one operator bid for work when he was on vacation in Mexico! That was unheard of prior to the implementation of the OPS WEB software." 
Jason Bidwell, Assistant Manager, Capital Area Transportation Authority

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Discover Technologies That Keep You Safe

In addition to improving productivity and efficiency, technologies that are developed for transit agencies are among the few that support your priority of passenger and operator safety and reliability. 

How do you account for driver and passenger safety when vehicles are moving throughout your service area?