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You love when new technologies can help to make your job easier and you enjoy the challenge of learning new systems. You’re an integral part of your team and your coworkers thrive on your positive energy and swift problem-solving abilities.

While you are an expert problem solver, you are most effective in situations when you have time to make a calculated decision. When supernatural events occur like special events, equipment breakdowns, traffic congestion or other internal limitations, the right tools are what you need to come out on top.

Discover Trapeze Scheduling & Planning Solutions
Case Study
In this case study, learn how after leveraging data from on-time performance and productivity of routes, they were able to increase their days of service from 255 to 362 days.
From Bare Bones Transit to Award-Winning Transit: How MMT Did It
Discover how the Trapeze PLAN/APC Gateway can collect ridership and schedule adherence data, perform analysis, create reports, perform demand forecasts, build itineraries and next bus requests.
Trapeze PLAN/APC Gateway
Find out how the Trapeze fixed route planning & scheduling solution can reduce vehicle and operator costs, increase efficiency through automation, and meet changing ridership demands.
Product Demo - Scheduling and Planning
See how Maureen from SEPTA used an advanced Trapeze Runcutting application to become a scheduling and planning savant.
Customer Superhero Story - Maureen Lichtner - SEPTA
See how CATA used Trapeze FX to deal with the "Silver Tsunami" (older employees retiring at a fast rate).
Customer Superhero Story - CATA
See how Kenny from RTC used the Trapeze CERT module to become a true marketing and customer service guru.
Customer Superhero Story - Kenny Rodriguez
See how Rodney from NICE used Trapeze Blockbuster and MAP projects to become a true IT whiz.
Trapeze Group - Customer Superhero Story - Rodney McMillen - NICE
See how Joe added additional transit services to become a true senior management maestro.
Trapeze Group - Customer Superhero Stories - Joe Iannello - Cap Metro
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