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City of Cape Town entrusts Trapeze ITS with supplying Automatic Vehicle Location & Control System for its new Integrated Rapid Transport bus network
Neuhausen am Rheinfall - July 13, 2011

Neuhausen am Rheinfall, 13 July 2011 – Trapeze ITS supported Johannesburg on the occasion of the Soccer World Championship 2010. Back then, Trapeze ITS supplied a trend-setting solution for efficient operations control of the city’s new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) transportation system. Now the City of Cape Town has entrusted Trapeze ITS with supplying a cutting-edge Automatic Vehicle Location & Control System (AVLC) for its new Integrated Rapid Transport bus network (IRT).

The social and business centre of Cape Town is located directly at the foot of the Table Mountain and is marked by a cosmopolitan ambience throughout. After Johannesburg and Durban, Cape Town is the country’s third largest city and the seat of the South African parliament. Together with its suburbs, Cape Town has a population of over 3.5 million. Large streams of commuters wish to reach the city centre every day quickly, safely and conveniently using public transport. Just like Johannesburg previously, Cape Town is extending its existing public transport network as well as building a new IRT system which in the future will form the backbone of the public urban transportation services.

Contract awarded to Trapeze ITS
In early 2011, Cape Town entrusted the South African partner companies of Trapeze ITS, Lumen Technologies and Questek Transit Technologies, with the supply, installation and commissioning of an integrated solution for controlling public transport services. This contract covers all the core competencies of Trapeze ITS in the fields of operations control, fleet management, passenger information and business control. In the project, the Swiss company in its capacity as the lead supplier has been asked to provide the core solution, similar to the “Rea Vaya” BRT project in Johannesburg implemented in 2009.

New automatic vehicle location & control system and new on-board computers
The first part of the project involves Trapeze ITS’ advanced Automatic Vehicle Location & Control system. At the heart of the new Transport Management Centre is the integrated control system located in the suburb of Goodwood, from where all traffic, public transport and supervised safety-and-security services are. The system also includes equipping 340 buses – most of them new – with comprehensive on-board systems. This solution offers dispatchers a permanent overview in real time of what is happening in the network. Moreover, drivers and vehicles can communicate via voice and data radio communication links with the control centre. Dynamic passenger information services are offered on the website of the City, via mobile telephone, inside the vehicles as well as at stops. At 37 IRT stations, passengers are offered special communications services. In emergencies, they can directly contact the control centre. In addition, the system allows centralised management of the fleet of vehicles and supplies advanced reports and statistics (Business Intelligence).

Benefits for passengers and the public transport authority alike
The new buses will be applied mainly to increase existing bus capacities on the new urban IRT lanes, some of which are segregated from the other traffic. This allows passengers to benefit from shorter trip times, higher punctuality and greater convenience. Thanks to efficient fleet management and the application of leading-edge voice and data communications technologies, also the transport authority stands to benefit from the new system.

The project launch has been scheduled for end of July 2011. With this new order from South Africa, Trapeze ITS is further enhancing its strong global position.

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