Public Transit Agency Customer Service and Marketing Software

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Public Transit Agency Customer Service and Marketing Software

Customer Service and Marketing are at the heart of each transit operation. Passengers continuously seek out quick and easy ways to interact with their transit provider. As technology has evolved, so too have the expectations of customers. Arrival and departure information, for instance, needs to be available in real time, all the time.

For example: The Transit Authority of River City (TARC) in Louisville, Kentucky, installed a comprehensive traveler information solution. Craig Gosselin, System Manager with (TARC), summerizes their experience: "Trapeze products are ideal for us: they integrate with existing systems, offer an excellent interface, are customizable and actually work very well. On top of that, our customers really like them!"

  • Before switching to Trapeze INFO-IVR, TARC had an aging and ailing IVR system in place that no longer met the demands of the agency and its customers. The system was unreliable and often under maintenance.

    The newly installed INFO-IVR uses interactive voice response technology to provide TARC passengers with 24/7 access to scheduled and real-time bus information, and it allows TARC administrators to enhance the information presented to passengers in the form of bulletins and announcements reflecting conditions that may be affecting the current service.

  • For web trip planning and online passenger information, TARC relied on “free” solutions. Feeding data to those applications was time consuming, and TARC lacked the resources to devote staff members to keeping the data current. It became obvious to TARC management that they needed to find a reliable customer information system that was also fully integrated with the Trapeze scheduling and operations management systems in place.

    After looking into various options, TARC decided to install INFO-WEB. It enables passengers to plan trips and access real-time schedule, bus stop and other transit information online through all common web browsers and through mobile devices.

  • TARC handled its customer complaints on a case-by-case basis. Spreadsheets, handwritten notes and other non standardized documents were pushed around between different departments within the agency. More often than not, staff lost track of the status of complaints and couldn’t follow up with customers—which led to even more customer dissatisfaction.

    INFO-COM now enables TARC’s customer service division to capture, track and follow up on complaints, commendations, and requests from customers and the public.

  • TARC customers immediately embraced the INFO-IVR and WEB solutions. Customers find the online trip planner easy to use, and INFO-IVR and WEB have taken a great load of calls off TARC’s call center, saving the agency additional staffing and making more service available to customers.

    INFO-COM enables TARC to record all customer complaints in one central database and track all follow up until the case is resolved. COM also gives TARC many tools to create reports and monitor trends. TARC customers are presented with a case number and can review the status of their complaint as well. This new system has led to a significant increase in customer satisfaction and, overall, to fewer complaints.

    Currently TARC receives about 7-10 percent of its 400 accommodations/complaints via the web and having both INFO and WEB-COM makes it easier and more efficient for TARC to reach back and help riders. This is a 100 percent turn-around from the older Excel spreadsheet method previously used to track complaints. TARC’s future is to fortify these new integrated systems with a continual training program to assure TARC is capturing riders’ needs and are able to form solid plans for internal improvement.

  • The Transit Authority of River City (TARC) provides public transportation in the Greater Louisville area with bus routes in Jefferson, Bullitt and Oldham counties in Kentucky, and Clark and Floyd counties in Indiana. TARC operates 51 bus routes with a fleet of over 200 vehicles. Each day, more than 50,000 passengers ride TARC.

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  • Traveler Information

    Building loyal ridership often depends on how easily customers can access and use information about your service. In the “anywhere, anytime” information era, travelers expect quick answers to questions such as how to get from A to B with fewest transfers, where the closest accessible stop is located, or when the next train is arriving.

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  • Mobile Traveler Information and Ticketing

    Public transit riders can plan trips as well as access route, stop and station data using their mobile handheld device (incl. all non-smartphones, smartphones as well as BlackBerry, iPhone, Android devices). Passengers can access next stop arrival times while in the comfort of their home, school or work to avoid wait times at bus stops.

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  • Trapeze iPhone Application

    The Trapeze iPhone application is a native downloadable Apple iPhone (and iPod Touch) application. It is an extension to the INFO-Web application and environment. The application enables public transit riders to plan trips and access real-time route, bus stop and other critical transit information via their iPhone.

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  • INFO-Web

    The Trapeze INFO-Web application enables public transit riders to plan trips and access real-time schedule, bus stop and other transit information online through web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. INFO-Web seamlessly integrates with corporate websites, maintaining your company’s existing online “look and feel.”

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    The interactive voice response (IVR) system is designed specifically for the needs of transit, enabling passengers to access next bus and schedule information, faring, special bulletins, and policy information on the telephone without speaking with a customer service representative. The IVR system provides an extension of the customer information provided by the call center.

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  • INFO-Agent

    INFO-Agent is an advanced software application that enables customer service agents to quickly and accurately answer questions about transit services. INFO-Agent seamlessly integrates with fixed route schedule data and provides trip plans and other information to public transit users based on static, dynamic and real-time data.

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  • Trapeze TransitNOW

    Transit organizations need to communicate more effectively with their customers in order to strengthen relationships and encourage use of public transit. Whenever possible, communication should be two-way and in real time.

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  • OnStreet - Advanced Real-Time Passenger Information System

    Installed indoors and out, Trapeze’s OnStreet is an advanced real-time passenger information management and display system. The system supports multiple display types such as LED signs, plasma screens and video monitors.

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  • Arrival and Departures™ Passenger Information

    The Trapeze Arrival and Departure Passenger Information system provides everything a transit agency would expect from an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). 

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  • COM-Web

    Customer feedback is critical to the success of your business. Making it easier for your riders to share their opinions and experiences can result in better information and more effective response.

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