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Enterprise Asset Management solutions can help increase your operational capacity and efficiency. This software automates updates to maintenance system and help ensure agencies are servicing their vehicles on a timely basis.

For example: Says Tim Elsberry, Assistant Director of Track & Structures, MARTA: "By utilizing Trapeze (...) we have visibility and accountability from the time a defect is discovered until it is repaired, all in one system. Trapeze has superior linear capabilities coupled with the ability to manage fleet, rail, stationary, component equipment units in the same program. While the story is one of improvement throughout Bus, Rail rolling stock, and Facilities, the gains made in managing our linear assets are exceptional."

  • MARTA needed to replace its legacy asset and maintenance management system, a “green screened” mainframe, and improve reporting across all departments and assets. MARTA also needed improved labor tracking, project and warranty tracking, better identification of high cost parts, improved rail track inspection capabilities and deployment of analytics to better manage the business.

    The agency was looking for superior enterprise asset management (EAM) software capabilities coupled with the ability to manage fleet, rail, stationary, and linear assets in the same program.

  • MARTA’s Technical Evaluation Team determined that a Trapeze solution was ideal. It is a comprehensive, browser based, EAM system that can track an unlimited number of assets and support workstations in multiple locations.

    MARTA’s bus maintenance, rail car maintenance, facilities, maintenance-of-way (MOW), and technology teams now manage all of their assets within the Trapeze application. They use this solution to manage 1,520 vehicles including bus, paratransit, non-revenue, and track work vehicles. MARTA’s Rail Car Maintenance has approximately 340 cars managed by their new system. Facilities and Maintenance-of-Way maintain over 30,000 assets 38 rail stations, 104 miles of mainline track, three major yards, and 300 turnouts (switches) within said solution.

    The Trapeze solution is the only EAM application on the market to be specifically written for the needs of maintenance-of-way, with fully integrated mobile PDA software developed for the needs of MOW. 21 Track Inspectors now walk the tracks with mobile handheld devices and either batch process data back into the system or report problems in real-time.

    “Trapeze was chosen for its functionality and its versatility,” said Tim Elsberry, Assistant Director of Track & Structures for MARTA. “Trapeze had a rail transit solution that fit our various types of equipment right out of the box.”

  • By choosing a fully integrated EAM solution, MARTA was able to integrate bus, rail, track, and MOW management within one flexible and scalable database that also integrated with MARTA’s (Oracle) ERP system.

    Additionally, MARTA adopted handheld wireless technology with mobile PDA units. "The costs are now associated at the job task level instead of at the work order level. This helps us measure productivity by task and make important decisions considering cost and time. We have automated reports through Trapeze that are emailed to management staff daily.”

    Mobile employees utilize wireless handheld units and shop workers use kiosks. MARTA can now account for 98 percent of the labor it pays out. Identifying high cost parts has become more accurate as well. MARTA’s 21 Track Walkers (Track Inspectors) walk in pairs and cover eight miles each day.

    MARTA’s efficiency was also improved by the interface between Trapeze and MARTA’s graphical track maintenance tool. Automated track geometry data is captured via a computer and sensors on a revenue-service vehicle. It is loaded into the graphical track maintenance tool which automatically interfaces with Trapeze for defect and work order creation. “I estimate this has already saved 70% of the time it took to perform this task prior to the Trapeze implementation,” stated Elsberry.

  • Each day over 450,000 passengers use the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA). It takes 4,000 MARTA employees to ensure that its bus, rail, and paratransit service runs safely, smoothly, and on time.

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