Public Transit Agency Operations Management

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Public Transit Agency Operations Management

The Operations Department at any transit agency is a bustling place. Making sure operators are taken care of or shifts are covered. And let’s not forget about the mountains of paper and forms produced every day.

For example:

The Operations Department at LYNX in Orlando, Florida, automated a number of manual processes that used to take many hours of each day.

Things like finding out an operator didn’t sign in because there is a vehicle still left in the yard, and dealing with a sea of paper work to manually enter are things of the past as a result of technology.

Associated Products

  • TransitMaster™ Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

    Trapeze ITS solutions lead the future of transit, creating a continuous, end-to-end connection that links vehicles, customers, staff and operations.

    Our ITS system helps to ensure rapid return on investment by improving service, reducing costs, and increasing ridership for many kinds of transit organizations.


    Find Out More About TransitMaster™ Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Trapeze Streets ITS

    Trapeze Streets Transit is a fully integrated Transit Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) solution that was developed for agencies to make their entire organization more efficient, keep their buses on schedule and their passengers on time. In addition to streamlining their operations, agencies that use Streets Transit transportation technology gain in other areas, such as real-time route/schedule adherence, automated reporting, easy scheduling and integrated passenger information options.

    Find Out More About Trapeze Streets ITS
  • Trapeze OPS

    Managing public transit operations can cause many logistical and administrative headaches. There may be hundreds of employees to schedule, frequent sign ups, complex pay rules and agreements, last-minute absences, mechanical problems and a host of other challenges.

    Find Out More About Trapeze OPS
  • OPS-Web

    OPS-Web is an enhancement to OPS. This add-on allows individual transit employees to securely view personal information online, initiate requests for work or absences, and view their operational and timekeeping information.

    Find Out More About OPS-Web
  • OPS Sign-In Terminal

    The OPS Sign-In Terminal (OPS Sign-In) module enables transit agency operators and other employees to sign in at a kiosk or remote terminal and receive information about the day’s work assignment. The software also enables dispatchers to monitor and capture information about employee sign in activities.

    Find Out More About OPS Sign-In Terminal
  • OPS-IVR, Notifications

    OPS-IVR provides additional functionality through an interactive voice response (IVR) interface. Operators can call into the IVR system to access the their daily work assignment, This add-on can also include call-out functionality that, for instance, allows dispatchers to automatically send out messages to all employees on the extraboard or volunteer list. The system can even be configured to send e-mail notifications or SMS messages, depending on the individual operator’s preference.

    Find Out More About OPS-IVR, Notifications
  • Trapeze Enterprise Asset Management for Fleets

    For many transit organizations, vehicle equipment assets and the labor needed to maintain them represent significant and increasing expenditures. To succeed, fleet managers need effective tools to proactively manage these costs and improve their long-term planning. 

    Find Out More About Trapeze Enterprise Asset Management for Fleets
  • Trapeze RFind

    Using a Real-Time Location System (RTLS) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, Trapeze RFind is a pragmatic and cost-effective solution for tracking and locating vehicles, buses and train cars within depots & yards, transit terminals & hubs, maintenance facilities and along fixed routes. Trapeze RFind provides solutions for Asset Location, Traveler Information and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)

    Find Out More About Trapeze RFind

    The INOVAS Solution not only helps make your fleet smarter, cleaner, and more efficient, but also provides a complementary or low cost alternative to a full ITS implementation. The benefits mean a safer and more cost effective operation and real cost savings.

    Find Out More About INOVAS
  • Trapeze Ranger

    TrapezeRanger is a rugged, compact computer, built for the transit industry. Ranger integrates a wide variety of functionality into a single, powerful platform including: electronic dispatching, turn-by-turn navigation, driver behavior monitoring, wireless signature capture, electronic fare payment, and much more.

    Find Out More About Trapeze Ranger
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