Ride-Sharing Management Software

Alternative transportation programs, including ridesharing and carsharing, substantially reduce traffic congestion, parking requirements and emissions.  However, matching thousands, even tens of thousands, of travelers with rides, keeping information up to date and generating the many required reports are challenging, time-consuming tasks.

Trapeze enables municipal planning organizations, transit agencies and other transportation management organizations with automated alternative commuting software that manages and delivers ride-sharing and other alternative commuting services.

Trapeze utilizes the latest developments in Internet, database, and GIS technologies, delivering robust, scalable solutions that will manage the transportation requirements of tens of thousands of commuters and employers.

Associated Products

  • RidePro

    RidePro is the most comprehensive rideshare management application available. Whether you manage ridesharing for one office or an entire region, RidePro offers easy-to-use tools for costeffective, productive commuter services.

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  • GreenRide

    GreenRide is a suite of sustainable transportation solutions designed to streamline and integrate mobility management programs.

    The GreenRide solution includes web-based solutions for carpooling, vanpooling, bike buddies, specialized transportation and paratransit, fleet management, and high occupancy toll lanes.

    GreenRide also cuts greenhouse gas emissions, reduces traffic congestion, and can save millions of dollars on parking costs.

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  • Trapeze EAM KeyValet

    Motor pools assist fleet managers to “right-size” their fleet and reduce fleet size while increasing utilization. Successfully managing a motor pool involves many aspects, including customer reservations, vehicle check-out, billing and the maintenance of the motor pool vehicles themselves. Trapeze’s KeyValet is a comprehensive solution for all aspects of running a motor pool.

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