School Transportation Planning & Analysis Software

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School Transportation Planning & Analysis Software

Evaluating, analyzing and adapting is a way of life for most districts.  Population shifts and changing demographics cause our customers to have to evaluate changing attendance boundaries, closing or opening schools, or modifying school grade configurations. 

Today’s technology simplifies redistricting challenges, enabling districts to geographically evaluate their student population and analyze the effects of proposed scenarios on transportation operations. The end result? Increased productivity, efficiency and cost savings.

"Trapeze Redistricting allows us to run multiple boundary scenarios in a short time frame and gives a wealth of information including how many students live in particular neighborhoods, their grade levels, the effects of moving neighborhoods to different schools in the district, etc." - West Fargo School District

Associated Products

  • Trapeze Redistricting

    Visualize, analyze and manipulate historical, current and projected data to accurately forecast enrollment and transportation needs in this scenario-based application. Redistricting is ideal for managing changing student populations and building boundary scenarios for key stakeholders including administrators, board members and parents. Integrated mapping and intuitive tools allow you to see changes instantly and make analyzing data less time consuming.

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