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Customer Success
Alan Gorman, Senior Manager, Transit IT Systems (DART)

“The fact that Trapeze INFO-Web required absolutely no additional data maintenance was a huge factor in selecting the company as a vendor.”

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Traveler Information

Today’s world is one full of technology which relies on instant ‘up to the minute’ information. Your riders expect to be offered the opportunity to track, locate and know the distance of your buses on every bus route, straight from the device of their choosing.

Trapeze Traveler Information Suite

A full suite of multimedia technologies that deliver key intelligence to your riders. Whether fixed route or demand response, INFO Suite delivers consistent real-time information to passengers to keep them informed and aware of when their ride will arrive.


Let’s Get Technical

The Trapeze Traveller Information Suite utilizes the latest technologies to deliver the best information to your riders. Sending information through call centers, web sites, mobile devices and automated phone (IVR) systems allows instant access from their desktops, mobile devices or however they choose. With accurate and easy-to-use technologies, your agency can continue to offer outstanding customer service to your modern riders.


Enable travelers to plan trips with multiple modes, transfers and agencies

Shorten call times by automating trip planning, schedule queries, stop and route information

Reduce call volumes with WEB and IVR services, provide 24/7 quality service without increasing staff

Traveler Information Core Components
Automated Information Retrieval
Web-Based Trip Planning
Real-Time Information
Automated Telephone Solutions
Regional Traveler Information
Interactive Real-Time Mapping
Interactive Voice Response
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