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Trapeze CommunityConnect

The Next Generation System For Coordinating Transportation

Trapeze Community Connect is the solution to the complex process of connecting communities via public transportation.

Your Challenge

In many traditional paratransit agencies, the challenges are similar. There is no coordination of resources for agencies to rely on. In many regions there are overlaps in routes and two vehicles from two separate agencies may go to the same place at virtually the same time. These kinds of inefficiencies are not easily recognized as neighboring communities cannot connect and communicate with one another.

Some agencies have tried Coordinated Transportation Systems. The solution would be to merge data and consolidate systems from neighboring community agencies. What if there was a solution that allowed two agencies, with different systems to talk to one another - without having to create a consolidated version?

Our Solution

Trapeze Community Connect (TCC) was born of this concept of integration. It is designed as a scalable solution to allow agencies to tap into other regional resources to offer their customers the best public transit routes available in their area.

TCC can connect agencies running existing Trapeze software as well as third party scheduling solutions. This means there is no need for agencies to make major policy changes or combine complex data to get regional scheduling solutions.

Agencies can continue to run their respective autonomous rules, as TCC considers those rules during schedule generation. Upon query, instead of possible trips limited to one agency, customers receive various options from all transport agencies and all available modes of transport in their region. Requests for trips across agencies are managed, locked, and distributed via TCC.

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