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Missed an event? Couldn’t attend and don’t want to miss out on the valuable information? See below for access to the on demand webinar recording and slides – and you can catch up at your leisure!

Benefits of Modernizing your On-Board Footprint
Host: Nick Ross | Duration: 30 minutes

Watch this webinar addressing cost effective, low-risk options for public transit agencies to modernize on-board equipment in vehicle fleets, critical issues around replacing on-board equipment, and the financial and operational benefits of upgrading.

You’ll learn battle-proven strategies for: aligning your upgrade plan to business goals, identifying and addressing core challenges of hardware obsolescence, selecting the optimum replacement plan for your agency, leveraging initial investment and realizing cost savings of 70% or more, and for benefiting from the latest technology, features and integration capabilities.

Enhance Your Operations with Advanced Self-Service Tools and Reporting
Host: Brian Canivet | Duration: 30 minutes

When you automate employee workflows, you can ensure your dispatchers are focused less on timekeeping and instead on improving service offerings.

Watch this webinar, and learn how to streamline employee workflows and allow dispatchers to focus their time on protecting service levels, how to reduce the number of manual payroll adjustments by providing employees complete access to their work assignments (and even timekeeping records) before the payroll is processed, and discover the benefits of accurately and consistently automating the work sign-on process.

4 Steps to Achieving a State of Good Repair
Host: Brett Koenig | Duration: 30 Minutes

With the Transit Asset Management (TAM) "Final Rule" expected to come later this year, agencies need to ensure they will be able to meet the requirements of this "Final Rule" and that they can reach their State of Good Repair (SGR) goals. Join Brett Koenig, Industry Solutions Manager - Enterprise Asset Management, as he delves into the TAM "Final Rule", and how Trapeze EAM's State of Good Repair solution can help you meet the FTA's asset condition requirements. 

Make the Most Out of your Intelligent Decision Support
Host: Nick Ross | Duration: 30 Minutes

From filtering incoming notifications for only essential information to task automation, an Intelligent Decision Support (IDS) system can save your agency time and effort. However knowing how to organize your data and setting up automated task rules, designed specifically for your agency's unique needs, is not always a simple and straightforward task. 

Be sure to sign-up for our webinar, hosted by Nick Ross, Industry Solutions Manager - Intelligent Transportation Systems, as he explains how Trapeze can support you so you can take advantage of the full breadth of what IDS can offer. 

Self-Service Tools for Demand Response Passengers
Host: Bruce Payne | Duration: 30 minutes

Let your demand response (DR) passengers control their own destiny. Using new, intuitive web-based applications, DR passengers can self-service planning and scheduling. By allowing them to book and cancel trips online, you'll not only reduce pressure on your call center, you'll also allow passengers the ease of making changes in a heartbeat. Struggling with high no-shows or long wait times? They'll now be able to see where their vehicle is and the expected arrival, which will also help improve both those metrics. 

Plus, these types of applications meets visually and impaired accessibility standards - a solution for paratransit that is comparable to the solutions you already offer in the fixed route realm. Join Bruce Payne, Industry Solutions Manager - Traveler Information, and Andrew McKechnie, Product Director - Traveler Information, to learn how agencies are using Trapeze's new and improved PASS-WEB application (with a brand new interface) to allow paratransit passengers the ease of self-service scheduling.

Business Intelligence for Demand Response
Host: Robert Chang | Duration: 30 minutes

How can you use business intelligence (BI) tools to improve paratransit operations? Join Robert Chang, Product Director, BI, Reporting and Analysis, to find out how best-in-class agencies are using leading BI tools to not only understand what has transpired but also to identify trends, spot problems before they arise and make better planning and scheduling decisions that improve operations and incease efficiency.

You'll also get a preview of our next generation ViewPoint solution and hear why leading agencies are using our improved ViewPoint tool to take their analytics to the next level.

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