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Our passion is enabling you to meet your goals. We create, deliver and support software solutions and services that make it easier for transportation agencies to manage their complex, day-to-day business operations. We have the unique ability to partner with you for the full 360 degrees of your operations due to our focus on serving the transportation industry with a broad product portfolio.

From the bus stop to the finance department, Trapeze technology is the glue that binds a transportation agency together. We are dedicated to helping you streamline and integrate your many day to day functions. Enabling you to focus on your #1 goal, providing amazing customer service!

Our team gets what you do. The reason why? Is because they have been in your shoes! Many Trapeze employees have been in the transportation business for decades! They know what your pain points are and are passionate about helping you eliminate them and meet your goals, as well as those of your board members.

With our passion and knowledge, we are excited to partner with you to maximize the value of your systems for the long term.

Trapeze Partner Program

Trapeze works with a number of industry vendors in order to help ensure our customers systems work together to deliver scalable, long-term, flexible solutions.

These partnerships are designed to enable an agency’s systems to maintain their integrity while providing optimal performance. At Trapeze, we build long-term, trust-based relationships with select companies. This approach provides a greater opportunity for our partners and better serves our customers.


For more information on being a partner contact us at info@trapezegroup.com

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