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Transportation should be all inclusive. Give your passengers independence with the ability to access trip information anywhere they desire with web-based applications where they can book and cancel trips, find out their upcoming trip info and even see the exact location of the vehicle taking them to their destination.


There is a lot to unpack when dealing with federal regulations. Understanding all the different criterions a bus, a route, a station and an agency has to hit to make sure it meets ADA standards takes some time and analysis. 

If you can’t provide those options on your fixed routes then you have to make sure paratransit services are offered. 

This can be run by your transit agency or contracted out. Lately though, a major concern is partnering with TNCs. They usually result in cheaper services, but the issue of liability is a hot topic — making sure you comply with all ADA regulations.

This technology is an excellent platform upon which future enhancements to our program can be built. The availability of more complete and accurate data on system performance will provide policy makers the information they need to structure the service for the future.”
Christian T. Kent
Assistant General Manager, WMATA
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