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Bring your agency into the digital era with technology that works for riders and operators

Hoping to attract more riders in mobile-driven demographics? It’s not just them. Many people rarely carry cash today. Show your community that your agency is innovative, attract more digital-savvy passengers, and relieve the hassles of cash operators have to deal with. All while continuing to serve cash-paying riders. All with Automatic Fare Collection technology.


Stop losing money. Keep payments safe and secure.

You or your colleagues have to collect cash payments from vehicles, ensure it’s counted correctly, and process it. Errors are bound to occur. Think of the time you could save if a computer was collecting that money. Whether through a fare payment app, smart card, or smart farebox, keep all of the money you and your team work hard to earn for your agency.

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Solution Sheet
Automatic Fare Collection - Solution Overview
Case Study
How CAT Decreased the Cost of Fare Collection by 50%
Solution Sheet
Trapeze TVM - Stationary Ticket Vending Machines

There’s more to Automatic Fare Collection solutions than meet the eye

Serve cash-paying and mobile-savvy passengers with solutions that work for you.
Integration with ITS
Combine fare collection with scheduling & planning data
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Modern TVMs
An easy-to-use ticket vending machine can increase ridership.
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Quick Fare Validation
Operators can focus on operating, passengers can focus on paying and board. Learn more
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