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All Systems Go: OmniTrans Gets Early Tech Adopter Perks

Sep 06, 2019
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Are you really making the most of your digital potential?

Probably not.

Today, we practically run our whole lives through our phones, tablets, and computers. But are we taking advantage of the software systems that can simplify our lives and keep us organized?

Truth is, a lot of people likely need a tech expert to get everything out of their apps so they can communicate with each other and be fully effective. (By the way, Trapeze offers that kind of hands-on training and support.)

When it comes to transit systems, rapidly advancing technologies are expected to deliver seamless service for riders so they can get to work and then get back home to see their families. Take OmniTrans in San Bernardino County, California. It serves 16 million passengers in 15 cities, with local and express bus routes, rapid transit service, OmniGo hometown shuttle service, and a paratransit service for the disabled. It covers 480 square miles of service area. No small potatoes.

The agency recognized the importance of delivering innovative options for their riders that were easy to access and reliable.

That meant delivering dependable, real-time information like updates on bus arrivals, route changes or any interruptions to service so that OmniTrans riders could plan out their day. If riders aren’t satisfied, they’ll find another way to get to their destinations. A 2016 survey analysis by TransitCenter found transit rider satisfaction is linked to frequency, speed, and walkability.

As you know, there’s a lot of things that have to go on behind the scenes to make it all happen like budget allocation, employee training, and time. Regular upgrades to technology put transit agencies in the driver’s seat for best practices and smooth operations.

Get the full story: OmniTrans Ups The Ante For Passengers, With Participation In Early Adopter Upgrade Program.

Download the case study here.

To do it all well, OmniTrans has made a commitment to technological innovation and the required upgrades since 2005. It’s benefitted from Trapeze’s solutions for many years, and now uses Trapeze's software for paratransit (PASS), fixed route scheduling and planning (FX), workforce management (OPS), and intelligent transportation systems (TransitMaster).

“We need to ensure we’re running the latest versions of our technology solutions so our service is dependable and we have real-time information for our travelers, drivers, and dispatchers,” says Ben Greenbeck, System Coordinator at OmniTrans, who has overseen smooth upgrades for the organization for more than a decade. 

Upgrades Make Your Entire Network Faster and More Reliable

OmniTrans had been looking to upgrade PASS, FX, OPS, and COM since 2008, but had challenges with funding issues and technology incompatibility – some of their systems were running on older versions that had led to operational issues and a lot of time and trouble.

“If we needed to reboot, it would take a lot of manual work to get everything back up and running,” says Greenbeck. “The resilience of those older versions of Trapeze on Windows was just not like what we have today. Trapeze has done a great job in making sure everything runs as Windows Service and that’s what gives Trapeze solutions that resilience.”

There are Advantages to Being an Early Adopter

In addition to overcoming challenges with dated systems, OmniTrans needed the software to run as a unified service instead of separate applications. The agency also wanted to leverage the new version’s – v18’s – new functionalities, such as auto-assign in OPS and PASS, as well as the sat map overlay in FX.

By taking advantage of Trapeze’s Early Adopter Upgrade Program, where Trapeze software experts worked closely with OmniTrans on a six-month upgrade process, OmniTrans was able to eliminate bugs and resolve issues during the testing phase. This way, the rollout of the software across the organization went smoothly for everyone.

Training was also a major part of the upgrade so that employees could make the most of the Trapeze potential. Trapeze worked with the agency to make sure each member of the team understood the full functionality of the solution and were able to improve their processes.

“The team behind the upgrade was instrumental to our success,” Greenbeck says.  “We’re really pleased with the whole process.”

Full-Service Software Boosts Productivity

Results? “All software is running as a service,” he says. “Our productivity doesn’t go down when we need to manually check to make sure everything is up and running. We no longer need to worry about it – it’s automatic.”

Being willing to be innovative through integrating cutting edge technology will not only set your agency up for greater efficiencies, it will also set you apart in the eyes of your riders. Trapeze’s Early Adopter Upgrade Program provides a safe and supportive environment to make all your systems compatible before introducing it to the public. That way you will know that your agency is making getting from A to B a much better experience.

Find out more about OmniTrans and the advantages of the Early Adopter Upgrade Program. Download the case study here.

As a seasoned Trapeze veteran, Lucy has worked in a few different capacities, including as Technical Account Manager, Customer Success Manager, and Project Manager giving her broad knowledge of Trapeze solutions and the industry. Lucy’s previous experience includes both vendor and customer roles with a background in System Administration, Business Analysis, and Project Management. She specializes in implementations and cutovers and really guiding customers through the upgrade cycle; the change management process; and the details involved in executing a successful upgrade. There’s no question – Lucy is passionate about helping Trapeze customers have the best possible upgrade experience.
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