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What You Don’t Know About ThinkTransit 2019 (and a Special Pricing Announcement!)

Feb 25, 2019
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Transit technology conference

When we started to put together the agenda for the 2019 ThinkTransit Conference, one word kept coming to mind: different.

We’ve put on this conference for more than 25 years and we’ve consistently had more than 500 transit professionals come and learn with us. So why do they keep coming back? Because of the caliber of the conference education. But for 2019, we wanted to take that up a notch…

In case you haven’t heard, here are a few new things we have in store:

1. Transit Unplugged Live!

The only transit podcast that goes behind-the-scenes of today’s transit agencies and shares the career journeys, challenges and successes of the top transit professionals is coming to ThinkTransit, live!

Join Paul Comfort as he records the podcast live on stage while interviewing:

  • John Sisson, CEO, Delaware DART
  • Katharine Eagan Kelleman, CEO, Port Authority of Allegheny County
  • Robbie Makinen, CEO, Kansas City Area Transportation Authority
  • Lauren Skiver, CEO, Sunline Transit Agency

P.S. The podcast won a First Place Award in the 2019 APTA AdWheel Awards competition and Tina Quigley, General Manager, RTC Vegas called it “the best podcast on transport I have ever listened to.”


2. More Speakers = More Learning

Transit is changing rapidly which means you need exposure to a wide range of individuals who can teach you how to deal with the new mobility challenges.

That’s why we bring you 30+ speakers from many different organizations: transit agencies, large and small, service providers, and research institutions; as well as individuals with different job titles and departments, from CEOs to Maintenance Managers.

Many of our speakers are Trapeze customers and your peers – meaning they use the technology they speak about and can share insider tips to help you with your job.

This year, new HART CEO Benjamin Limmer will be delivering a keynote presentation on the innovations going on at HART.

3. More Tracks to Choose From

Some conferences only offer you one or two choices of topics each hour. But wouldn’t you rather be able to choose from a wider variety of sessions? After all, we know you’re taking time away from your jobs and families to be at ThinkTransit so we want to provide you with the right sessions that will impact your work the most.

That’s why we offer 11 tracks every single hour. Yup, 11 sessions to choose from and we bet you’ll find something you love.

New this year is the “Innovation Intersection” track, with sessions like moving to the cloud, women in transit, and transit technology integration.

Here’s the latest agenda, if you haven’t seen it yet.


4. You Get the Sneak Peek of New Technology

When you come to ThinkTransit, you get to be the first to preview the new technology we’ve been developing over the past year.

We’re releasing v19 of all our products and you’ll be the first to see the enhancements. We also have a few big product announcements coming – last year it was autonomous vehicle technology, who knows what you’ll see this year!

5. Plus, the Tried and True…

Just because we’ve brought new things to ThinkTransit doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about the tried and true things you love. You’ll still have hands-on training, technical tours, and our famous welcome and closing receptions (themes to be announced soon).


ThinkTransit is the best place for you to learn from your peers on the tools you use every day. It’s an investment in your career and your education, with some fun along the way.

If you haven’t registered yet, we’ve extended the early bird pricing until February 28! Don’t miss out on getting the lowest price of the year. 

Vicky Tobianah Abihsira is the Content Marketing Manager at Trapeze Group where she oversees their content strategy and creation.
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