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What You Missed: Moving to the Cloud

Oct 05, 2018
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Trapeze recently announced a new partnership with Microsoft, to power our cloud offerings.

This is the third part of a series covering the best sessions from our annual ThinkTransit Conference. Catch up on parts one and two here.

We’re entering the “age of mobility” where people want to go places with ease, using real-time information on routes and scheduling, and a single payment card to access all modes of transportation – bus, rail, automated shuttle, bike-share or car-share.

Industry leaders say the bundled service model that so many of us sign on for our cable, phone, and internet could be in the cards as a subscription fee for transportation services in North American cities.

How can we get to this new reality? At our recent ThinkTransit Conference, we announced we’re working with Microsoft to provide fully-managed, cloud-based services that enhance transit agencies’ agility, security, and regulatory compliance.

By allowing agencies to utilize and manage our solutions through cloud-based services, you can streamline infrastructure provisioning and improve compliance with regulations. 

We were lucky enough to be joined at the conference by Stephen Tanaka, Chief Technology Officer – One Commercial Partner, Microsoft Canada.

Here’s an inside look on his presentation, if you missed it (or need a refresher).

Governments must adapt to citizens’ changing expectations.

  • Efficient services – the public are demanding that governments provide effective services. Studies show that there’s a 58% increase in citizen likelihood to trust government institutions if they provide a great digital experience
  • Controlling costs – A larger population who are living and working longer means higher costs and a “do more with less” mentality, which is felt in government agencies, like transit. So while citizens demand improved digital experiences and better public services, governments must also balance the budget to not increase costs. That’s why 62% of government leaders list budget as a top barrier to adopting new technology
  • Security and privacy – Did you know that 14% of all global cyberattacks are against government agencies? Cyber-security needs to be a strategic priority for government agencies, like transit.
  • Providing secure services anytime, anywhere – Just like you can watch an episode of Netflix on your tablet and then continue on your smartphone, one in four people want to use mobile devices when they access government services

Those are just a few of the new expectations of today’s public – so how can government agencies, like transit, meet them? Tanaka talked about how technology empowers governments to deliver more complex services, which is why it’s imperative for transit to move to a digital-first, cloud-based approach:

  • Cloud-based applications improve citizen engagement and result in more responsive government services. Intelligent business applications streamline information-sharing across agencies and departments
  • Big data and advanced analytics help governments proactively deliver better services by identifying and reducing fraud, waste, and abuse while optimizing mission delivery. IT’s estimated that using advanced analytics can help government agencies increase their total revenue by 1 to 3%
  • IoT provides real-time insights that pave the way for better management, maintenance, and performance of public and government resources
  • Augmented and/or virtual reality improves safety and training of public safety and mission-critical personnel through 3D visualizations and remote collaboration

Considering these benefits, Tanaka walked us through the value of the Microsoft Azure cloud in particular – and why it’s a perfect fit to help transit agencies deal with today’s challenges. It provides a productive, end-to-end development and management tool of more than 100 services, it’s hybrid and built to deploy solutions consistently with a consistent user experience, it’s intelligent with built-in intelligence, and is trusted, with more certifications than any cloud provider.

Moving to the Cloud

The ThinkTransit Conference is where we announce the biggest news – whether it’s a product launch that will directly enable you to deliver better service to your riders or a new partnership that gives you more access to resources. That’s why we announced the Trapeze and Microsoft cloud partnership at ThinkTransit. It enables you to:

  • Focus on running transit versus managing IT infrastructure
  • Reduce capital costs
  • Increase the speed of deploying new solutions
  • Allow you to get software on a trusted enterprise cloud platform
  • Stay compliant with government security and privacy certifications

If you want to learn more about our cloud offerings, then check out this short webinar on making data-driven decisions.

Plus, if you really want to stay up to date on the latest transit technology, register for ThinkTransit, taking place April 14-17, 2019 in Tampa, Fl. Save your spot here! 

Vicky Tobianah Abihsira is the Content Marketing Manager at Trapeze Group where she oversees their content strategy and creation.
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