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It’s imperative to understand how to comply with TAM’s Final Rule.

Agencies must deal with the backlogged replacement and rehabilitation of their assets.

Assets with increased potential for catastrophic accidents, loss of life, and property damage warrant the most immediate attention.


TAM’s final rule was issued in July 2016, becoming effective October 1, 2016.

The ultimate goal of MAP-21 is to collect better data so that U.S. federal funds can be allocated in a smarter way to maximize the safety of the U.S. public transportation system.

Loss of capital funding is a possibility but the FTA has been clear that there are no specific penalties. In theory, agencies with a better “data-driven approach” will be easier to justify (and get) more of the capital money they are requesting from the FTA.

We’re starting to work on MAP-21 and now we’ll have a single place to pull data from instead of five or 10. It’s so much easier for us.”
Tom Dowling
IT Project Manager, Sound Transit
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