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Bus maintenance programs made simple. Really.

Buses - the workhorse of your fleet, and the backbone of your transit service. Each day your team manages preventative maintenance, pullout, roadcalls, and repairs. Keeping your fleet safely on the road is no easy task, but it’s what bus maintenance is all about.


Your job is complex. Is your EAM system up to the task?

More than tracking basic work order information, Trapeze EAM provides real-time “actionable intelligence” for better operational decision-making. Designed specifically for a transit environment. Bus maintenance is complicated, but the EAM system you use to manage your fleet shouldn’t be.

Resources hand-picked by your Trapeze EAM experts

For the agency that’s always on the move, learn how EAM Mobile can help you stay connected
Solution Sheet
Get control of your maintenance organization: here are the features that will help you to do it
Is your transit agency sitting on a warranty goldmine?

There's more to Enterprise Asset Management than meets the eye

The right maintenance management technology mix is different for everyone.
Which enhancements are right for you?
For the agency on the go, always stay
focused on the game plan
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Not just a maintenance thing. Real-time visibility impacts roles across your agency. Learn more.
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Real time, integrated fuel
transaction management
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Real time visibility into the health of
your assets and infrastructure
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The right driver on the right bus,
ready for an on-time pull-out
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State of Good Repair
Is complying with Fast Act/Map 21 on
your mind this year?
Here's what you need to know.
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Industry Solutions Manager
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Product Director
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