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While benefits like Wi-Fi and outlets are nice to have, the best use of technology for riders is access to real-time information.

Modern technology such as mobile ticketing and real-time tracking should be used to assist your riders.

The data that comes with modern technology can be used to track and predict outcomes, allowing you to solve riders’ concerns proactively.


The trend passengers want in the public transit industry is high-frequency and short commute times. Riders don’t want to be spending a good portion of their day commuting. In an ideal world, they’ll easily be able to plan trips taking the shortest routes to their destination.

While things like Wi-Fi and outlets are great additives, it’s much more important to have programs in place to understand your ridership and their trends. By understanding your riders’ needs, you will be able to properly plan to make sure they have the easiest and shortest commute.

The data we are getting now is helping us better plan our schedules…We can show where folks are boarding the buses, where stops are getting used, where stops aren’t getting used. We’ve improved our customer experience and we’ve enhanced our agency’s operations.”
John Jones
Transit Manager, Charlottesville Area Transit
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