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Managing timetables, block & crew planning, as well as rostering takes time, but getting it right can be the most important thing you can do to ensure you are providing a safe and reliable service. Often, rail operators find it challenging to balance excellent service with cost saving measures.

An automated routing and scheduling system can allow you and your team to do more with less.

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Transportation Technology and Super Bowl XLVIII

Superbowl XLVIII had more than 82,000 attendees and was ranked as a level 1 national security priority. The Department of Homeland Security contracted John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory to work with New Jersey Transit to oversee the safety and security of Super Bowl 48 and all of its attendees.

There were over 100 trains transporting over 2,500 football fans at any given time. Enterprise Asset Management technology made the sending and receiving of detailed information about the trains seamless.

In this webinar, our ITS expert elaborates on the difference between integrating and interfacing, and why integration is a much more powerful option.
Intelligent Transportation Systems: Integrating vs Interfacing
Are you on track with positive train control? This webinar touches on some asset management next steps you might not have considered regarding PTC.
Are You on Track With PTC? Asset Management Next Steps You Might Not Have Considered
P3s are gaining consideration from public transit agencies. But, are you considering everything? This whitepaper dives into the software and data aspect of P3s.
Who Owns Your Software & Data in a P3? A Deeper Look at the Technology Aspect of P3s
Industry experts discuss how PTC, aging infrastructure, and other capital projects can affect the scheduling and planning of your rail operations.
Scheduling and Planning for Rail Operations
Watch this webinar to see how you can spend just only 20% of your time gathering data and utilize the remaining 80% analyzing them.
Making Data Driven Decisions in Transit
There are five things that leaders do differently - do you have what it takes to be a transit leader? Listen to these lessons from MARTA
What Leaders Do Differently – Lessons from MARTA
Watch this CEO Roundtable from APTA EXPO that was hosted by Paul Comfort. Six CEOs shared their career paths to the top, their agency profiles and challenges, and upcoming transit trends they are adopting that could help others improve their mobility offerings.
CEO Roundtable: Six Transit CEOs Share Agency Stories
Enterprise asset management is more than just a system to track assets. Check out this visual eBook to learn about its true purpose and value.
The Seatbelt Effect: An EAM Story
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