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Trust Technology to Extend the Life of Your Assets

It is your responsibility to keep track of a large number of assets and oversee several moving parts every day. From managing vehicle assets, to facilities, to the streets themselves - you keep the community moving safely and on-time. A transit agency could not function without you and all you do.

We know that regulations such as MAP-21 are challenges that constantly keep you alert, aware and prepared. We also know that when equipped with the right tools, you can overcome any challenge you face.

Discover Trapeze Enterprise Asset Management Solutions
In this video, Stephanie Johnston, Sr. EAM Administrator, discusses how Sound Transit uses Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) to simplify the reporting process.
Sound Transit Reduced Asset Reporting Time from Hours to Seconds
Case Study
Better preventative maintenance compliance means more buses out the door and more on-time routes - here's how RFTA did it.
How Roaring Fork Doubled PM Compliance
Enterprise asset management is more than just a system to track assets. Check out this visual eBook to learn about its true purpose and value.
The Seatbelt Effect: An EAM Story
Find out what your key to your home has to do with the commuter rail industry.
The 3 Biggest Challenges Facing the Commuter Rail Industry
The SGR mandate is here - now what? Here's how you can get started to achieve a SGR by the deadline.
State of Good Repair: Real-World Solutions
Case Study
In this case study, learn how after streamlining workflows and standardizing reporting they were able to reduce their reporting time from 3 months to just 1~3 days.
How Sound Transit Ensures Asset Safety and Streamlines Reporting
Case Study
In this case study, learn how we're working with ACI and RTD Denver to manage the world's first public-private partnership for public transit.
Managing the Nation’s First Modern Public-Private Partnership For Public Transportation
Case Study
In the case study, learn how Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) improved efficiency by automating their manual part request process.
How HART Improved Efficiency by 20%
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