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Connecticut Focusing on Improving Passenger Experience with Purchase of New TVMs

Trapeze Group today announced that the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) has selected Trapeze Group for a $3.4 million Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) system contract, to be installed on the CTrail Hartford Line.

This will allow passengers to quickly and easily purchase tickets before boarding, including different fare and discount types, as well as enable passengers to pay for parking at the stations. The TVMs will process both cash and smart media and will be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Trapeze’s Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) solutions, which include TVMs, validating fareboxes, smart card solutions, station validators, retail point-of-sale equipment and more, help transit agencies realize higher efficiency, profitability and convenience while also increasing customer satisfaction by delivering passenger-oriented technology.

“Our state-of-the-art TVM technology makes it easy and efficient for passengers to pay for their transit, which will increase ridership, not to mention reduce maintenance costs and increase revenue by reducing the amount of fraud in the system,” said Floyd Diaz, Director of Automatic Fare Collection at Trapeze Group. 

“The installation of full-featured TVMs is an example of CTDOT’s commitment to customer satisfaction and positive rail experiences on the Hartford Line,” said Carl Jackson, CTDOT Rail Administrator. “TVMs are just one of the many service amenities that will be offered to riders. From safety features like automatic platform snow-melt systems and video cameras, to high-quality amenities like electric vehicle charging stations and various display and messaging systems, we are making the customer experience on the Hartford Line as safe, efficient and enjoyable as possible.”

The Connecticut Department of Transportation’s focus on improving passenger experience continues to be a priority and this new agreement only deepens that focus.

“The CTDOT is a valued customer and their focus on improving passenger experience is unparalleled. We’re excited to give them solutions that will make it easier for them to focus on their core goals: providing a safe, efficient and easy-to-use mode of transportation that improves the quality of life of their region,” said John Hines, President, Trapeze Group. 

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