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Now, you can give your paratransit customers complete access to more independent and flexible travel options. When they know where their ride is, that's complete transparency they appreciate. When they can book, change, or cancel trips online 'round the clock on their mobile devices, that's peace of mind for them while reducing your agency's call volume.
Total Demand
& Control

Respond rapidly and flexibly to customer demands and reduce customer friction. PASS Mobile’s self-service platform and "where’s my ride" functionality mean total demand and control for paratransit passengers, making trip management for them easy and worry-free. The app’s clean, modern look seamlessly integrates with your branding.

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Freedom At Your Passengers’ Fingertips
Trip Booking

Book and schedule trips using the PASS algorithm. Passengers, mobility managers, service providers, coordinators and others can easily request casual or subscription trips. Bookings can be specified for dates, times, pick-up and drop-off locations, reasons for travel, additional passengers and mobility aids.

Trip Confirmation / Cancellation

Say goodbye to last-minute cancellations! Passengers can confirm, edit, or cancel bookings with ease, and view all subscription, casual, or on-demand trips. When they can make flexible trip arrangements, you reduce no-shows, getting staff and vehicle numbers right.

Quick Access

Increase customer satisfaction by making it easy for passengers to take reoccurring trips. New requests based on previous bookings are generated without passengers having to input all of their details again. For more convenience, they also can quickly look up trips by week, month, past or future.

View Trip Details

View date, time, purpose, provider, origin/destination addresses, status of trip (scheduled, unscheduled, no‑show, and canceled) and mobility aids.

Customer Profile and Information

View and edit personal profile information. View client addresses, contact information, service providers and funding sources.

Where’s My Ride?

Passengers can easily track their vehicle’s location on a Google map, and view the vehicle number, type, driver name, and badge number. They can even send the driver a message. When passengers get the real-time information they need to be ready to board, you avoid late pick-ups and keep to your daily service schedule.


Eliminate uncertainty for customers with total trip insight. Passengers are alerted if the request has been booked, scheduled, refused, or has failed, reducing calls to the agency. They get native push notifications of imminent trip arrival so they can prepare ahead, shortening vehicle wait times.


Coordinate any special instructions in real time for faster pick-ups. Drivers informed of wheelchairs and mobility aids ahead of arrival, for example, can reduce dwell times by lowering the ramp the second they arrive, saving time for you and your passengers.

Banish bothersome no-shows with a few keystrokes and never have a passenger miss a trip again.
Test Drive the App
Test Drive The App
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