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Simon Reed, Head of Technology and Data, Surface Transport at TfL, discusses congestion charging, their contactless card system, and MaaS.
Simon Reed – Transport for London
September 12, 2019
Length: 36 minutes
Lewis Brencher, Communications Director for TfW, discusses the competitive dialogue procurement method, declining bus ridership, intermodal ticketing, and MaaS.
Lewis Brencher – Transport for Wales
September 05, 2019
Length: 31 minutes
Leila Frances, President Middle East and Hyderabad of Keolis and Chairman of Keolis Downer, talks about the automated metro services and the value of your data.
Mobility Innovations – Leila Frances
September 03, 2019
Length: 31 minutes
Gordon Maclennan, Chief Executive of Strathclyde Partnership for Transport, discusses SPT’s subway modernization and some challenges with deregulated transit.
Gordon Maclennan – Strathclyde Partnership for Transport
August 29, 2019
Length: 33 minutes
Giles Fearnley, Managing Director for First Bus, shares his strategies to combat ridership decline in the UK.
Giles Fearnley – First Bus
August 22, 2019
Length: 34 minutes
Paul Cox, CFO at Tower Transit, details the unique operational aspects of a privately-owned transport provider with contracts in London and Singapore.
Paul Cox – Tower Transit
August 15, 2019
Length: 30 minutes
Dave Pearson, Director, Transport Services at West Yorkshire Combined Authority, explains how public transport operates within a deregulated market.
Dave Pearson – West Yorkshire Combined Authority
August 08, 2019
Length: 34 minutes
Five of the world’s top transit leaders explore the correlation between increased ridership and customer service, land use, political climates, and urban density.
UITP Live (Part 2 of 2)
July 31, 2019
Length: 45 minutes
Recorded during UITP, listen to four of transport’s top leaders discuss challenges and innovations facing public transportation around the globe.
UITP Live (Part 1 of 2)
July 30, 2019
Length: 49 minutes
Jorge Cruz-Aedo, CEO of CCRTA, shares the unique way he was able to finance their new 90,000 sq. ft facility and the importance of culture and customer service.
Jorge Cruz-Aedo – Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority
July 15, 2019
Length: 30 minutes
Steve Butcher, Executive General Manager at John Holland, discusses the DBOM model and what it’s like to be part of billion-dollar rail projects.
Steve Butcher – John Holland
July 10, 2019
Length: 32 minutes
Howard Collins, CEO of Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink, discusses the importance of accountability and capacity, and how railways can revitalize communities.
Howard Collins – Sydney Trains and New South Wales TrainLink
July 03, 2019
Length: 33 minutes
Emma Thomas, former Director-General at Transport Canberra, discusses how Transport Canberra “puts the livability in Canberra.”
Emma Thomas - Transport Canberra
June 26, 2019
Length: 29 minutes
James Pinder, CEO of V/Line, discusses the challenge of modernizing the whole system while service is growing, and the importance of the V/Line brand.
James Pinder – V/Line
June 19, 2019
Length: 30 minutes
Raymond O’Flaherty, CEO of MTM, dives into the importance of interchanges between systems and modes, the investment into MTM, and his focus on teamwork.
Raymond O’Flaherty –Metro Trains Melbourne
June 12, 2019
Length: 31 minutes
Nicolas Gindt, CEO of Keolis Downer Victoria and operator of Yarra Trams, discusses the challenges of operating a diverse tram system.
Nicolas Gindt – Keolis Downer and Yarra Trams
June 05, 2019
Length: 36 minutes
Jeroen Weimar, CEO of PTV, discusses the challenge of investing in new tech while running some legacy systems and the plan for PTV’s new mobile payment platform.
Jeroen Weimar – Public Transport Victoria
May 29, 2019
Length: 32 minutes
Randy Clarke, President and CEO of CapMetro, discusses CapMetro’s Project Connect plan and their Cap Remap program which has helped increase ridership in Austin.
Randy Clarke – Capital Metro
May 15, 2019
Length: 31 minutes
Jeffrey Arndt, President and CEO of VIA, discusses the importance of frequency to transit service and VIA’s plans for a new advance rapid transit service.
Jeffrey Arndt – VIA Metropolitan Transit
April 30, 2019
Length: 31 minutes
It’s the first ever Transit Unplugged Live. Listen to five of transit’s top CEOs discuss their career path and the big projects they are focused on within their agency.
Transit Unplugged Live
April 25, 2019
Length: 60 minutes
Bacarra Mauldin, Executive Director of ClasTran, focuses on developing the workforce of tomorrow and perfecting paratransit through coordination.
Bacarra Mauldin - ClasTran
April 15, 2019
Length: 26 minutes
Gary Thomas, President and Executive Director at DART, explains how MaaS, DART’s GoPass app and faring options play an important role in customer experience.
Gary Thomas – Dallas Area Rapid Transit
March 29, 2019
Length: 29 minutes
Learn about Denmark’s nationwide demand response service, FlexDanmark, and the efficiencies it’s created for the local agencies.
Mobility Innovations – FlexDanmark
March 26, 2019
Length: 27 minutes
John Sisson, CEO of the Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC), shares DTC’s unique statewide-structure for fixed route and paratransit services.
John Sisson – Delaware Transit Corporation
March 15, 2019
Length: 32 minutes
Andre Colaiace, Executive Director at Access Services, discusses the unique challenges of paratransit and his thoughts on the future of paratransit in America.
Andre Colaiace – Access Services
February 28, 2019
Length: 33 minutes
Tina Quigley and MJ Maynard, GM and Deputy GM of RTC discuss ridership, farebox recovery, and technology the transportation space should use to its advantage.
Tina Quigley – Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada
February 15, 2019
Length: 34 minutes
Tom Lambert, President and CEO of Houston METRO, discusses METRO’s redesigned bus network and how important METRO was to the community after Hurricane Harvey.
Tom Lambert – Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County
January 31, 2019
Length: 32 minutes
Kevin Jones, CEO at MV Transportation, discusses MV’s three areas of focus and the reasons for a public transit agency to contract out their service.
Kevin Jones – MV Transportation
January 15, 2019
Length: 27 minutes
Gary Rosenfeld, CEO at MATA, discusses MATA’s transit vision plan and why good transit authorities must embrace mobility as their key mission.
Gary Rosenfeld – Memphis Area Transit Authority
December 31, 2018
Length: 28 minutes
Jeff Knueppel, General Manager at SEPTA, discusses the complexity of the Northeast Corridor, positive train control, and SEPTA’s five areas of focus.
Jeff Knueppel – Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
December 14, 2018
Length: 28 minutes
In this special episode, you’ll learn the story about how the first autonomous vehicle to operate in regular transit service came into existence.
Autonomous Vehicles
November 30, 2018
Length: 24 minutes
Dorval Carter, President of CTA, discusses the red and purple modernization, working on a multimodal app, and alternative fuels.
Dorval Carter – Chicago Transit Authority
November 15, 2018
Length: 32 minutes
Katharine Kelleman, CEO of Port Authority, discusses her journey to Port Authority, their 5-part tactical plan, and their connected vehicle pilot program.
Katharine Kelleman - Port Authority of Allegheny County
October 31, 2018
Length: 30 minutes
Robbie Makinen, CEO of KCATA, elaborates on how working in public transit you can affect more people’s lives in a day than most people get to do in a lifetime.
Robbie Makinen – Kansas City Area Transportation Authority
October 15, 2018
Length: 28 minutes
Rob Gannon, GM of King County Metro, discusses the importance of public transit and the need for public transit to broaden their umbrella of services.
Rob Gannon – King County Metro
September 28, 2018
Length: 31 minutes
Brad Miller, CEO of PSTA, dives deep into PSTA’s work with TNCs regarding first-mile/last-mile and paratransit initiatives.
Brad Miller – Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority
September 14, 2018
Length: 30 minutes
Dave Genova, GM and CEO of RTD, discusses the importance of innovation in transit, RTD’s FasTracks program, and how they use drones for maintenance.
Dave Genova – Regional Transportation District
August 31, 2018
Length: 31 minutes
Blaine Rigler, President of RATP Dev USA, chats about learning from other industries, the importance of data and the interoperability of transit technology.
Blaine Rigler – RATP Dev USA
August 15, 2018
Length: 25 minutes
John Lewis, CEO at CATS, discusses the importance of aligning city and transit development plans, CATS’ expanding rail system, and first-last mile challenges.
John Lewis – Charlotte Area Transit System
July 31, 2018
Length: 28 minutes
Edward Johnson, CEO of LYNX, discusses why transit systems need to embrace the philosophy of becoming mobility managers.
Edward Johnson - LYNX
July 16, 2018
Length: 33 minutes
Lauren Skiver, CEO at SunLine, does a deep-dive into the work SunLine is doing around zero emissions and alternative fuels.
Lauren Skiver - SunLine Transit
June 29, 2018
Length: 29 minutes
Peter Varga, CEO at The Rapid, discusses The Rapid's new BRT line and payment options, and the role public transit plays in the new mobility paradigm.
Peter Varga – The Rapid
June 15, 2018
Length: 28 minutes
Michael Terry, President & CEO at IndyGo, discusses increasing bus service frequency in high-density areas, 3 new BRT lines, and being a good steward of public money.
Michael Terry – IndyGo
May 30, 2018
Length: 32 minutes
Paul Wiedefeld, CEO of WMATA, discusses the importance of big data and analytics, WMATA’s unique finance structure, and innovations they are bringing online.
Paul Wiedefeld Part 2 (of 2) – Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
May 15, 2018
Length: 27 minutes
Paul Wiedefeld, CEO of WMATA discusses the cultural shift from service first to safety first, WMATA’s SafeTrack plan, and WMATA’s Back2Good campaign.
Paul Wiedefeld Part 1 (of 2) – Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
April 30, 2018
Length: 29 minutes
Michael Allegra spent 37 years with UTA. In this episode, he discusses the big victories during his time at UTA and how partnerships were essential to their success.
Michael Allegra – Retired Transit CEO, Utah Transit Authority
April 16, 2018
Length: 28 minutes
Carolyn Flowers, AECOM transit market lead and former FTA Administrator, gives an in-depth look at the FTA and discusses how women can be more successful in the transit industry.
Carolyn Flowers – AECOM
March 29, 2018
Length: 35 minutes
Nat Ford, CEO of JTA and Chair of APTA, discusses JTA’s U2C project and his five priorities as the Chair for APTA.
Nat Ford – Jacksonville Transportation Authority
March 15, 2018
Length: 32 minutes
Paul Ballard, CEO at FWTA, discusses a TEXRail – a new commuter rail service – and how expanding bus service is part of the T Master Plan.
Paul Ballard – Fort Worth Transportation Authority
February 28, 2018
Length: 19 minutes
David Leininger, CFO at DART, discusses how DART decided to go all-in with its mobile-first solution, GoPass, and how it relates to MaaS.
David Leininger – Dallas Area Rapid Transit
February 15, 2018
Length: 31 minutes
Dr. Robert Schneider, Executive Director of PRTC, discusses how PRTC reduces cars on Interstate 95 by ~4000 and the four things to make transit relevant.
Dr. Robert Schneider – Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission
January 31, 2018
Length: 34 minutes
Phil Washington, CEO of LA Metro, discusses LA Metro’s major projects and what’s next for transit (autonomous, disruptions to mobility and technology, etc.).
Phil Washington - Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
January 15, 2018
Length: 30 minutes
Mark Joseph, Global Chief Development Officer at Transdev, discusses how transit’s future is all about P.A.C.E. (personalized, autonomous, connected, electric).
Mark Joseph - Transdev
December 29, 2017
Length: 30 minutes
Brad Thomas, President of First Transit, discusses private contracting of public transit and the waves of innovation for the American transit market.
Brad Thomas - First Transit
December 15, 2017
Length: 31 minutes
Clément Michel, President & CEO of Keolis NA, focuses on social responsibility, prioritizing safety, and autonomous shuttles to better serve our communities.
Clément Michel – Keolis NA
November 30, 2017
Length: 30 minutes
Andy Byford, CEO of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), tells how a five-year plan led to TTC winning APTA's Transit System of the Year award.
Andy Byford – Toronto Transit Commission
November 22, 2017
Length: 27 minutes
J. Roger Morton, President and GM of Oahu Transit Services, Inc. explains the importance of public transit in Hawaii and their new elevated rail system.
J. Roger Morton – Oahu Transit Services, Inc.
November 15, 2017
Length: 27 minutes
Bill Carpenter, CEO of Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority (RTS), sits down with Paul Comfort to talk about the journey to his current position.
Bill Carpenter – Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority
November 15, 2017
Length: 19 minutes
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