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BONUS Episode 002: Transit Unplugged Podcast - Transit Unplugged Live
Transit Unplugged Live

“I wanted to spend my time doing something to make where I was better.” – Katharine Kelleman

“Don’t run away from the people that need you every day.” – Robbie Makinen

“There is no sense in running what people aren’t riding.” – Lauren Skiver

It’s exciting to introduce the first ever Transit Unplugged Live. Held as one of the keynotes during the 2019 ThinkTransit Conference, five of transit’s top CEOs were up on stage talking about the scope of their agency, career path getting to their current position, the big projects they are focused on, and the future of transit technology.

Here were our amazing guests that were with us in sunny Tampa, Florida:

Phil Washington – CEO, LA Metro

Lauren Skiver – CEO, SunLine Transit

Robbie Makinen – CEO, KCATA

Katharine Kelleman – CEO, Port Authority of Allegheny County

John Sisson – CEO, Delaware Transit Corporation

Remember to check out to learn from top transit professionals and stay up to date to catch all the latest episodes.

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