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Episode 035: Transit Unplugged Podcast - John Sisson
John Sisson – Delaware Transit Corporation

“You can start using information, using artificial intelligence, to start delivering better transportation to the masses.”

John Sisson started at the Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC – at the time called the Delaware Transit Authority) as an intern in his junior year of school. Since then, he has spent a good majority of his career there – working through the facilities and performance management sides of the business before becoming CEO. During this episode of Transit Unplugged, Sisson shares DTC’s unique statewide-structure (for fixed route and paratransit) and how 45% of their budget goes to operating paratransit service.

Sisson also dives into the importance of using data and technology to deliver a better customer experience to the transportation masses, using things like artificial intelligence and connected vehicles. Then, he elaborates on the challenges of finding and retaining the transit workforce – why you “hire for attitude and train for skill” – and the future focuses of DTC (mobility as a service, autonomous vehicles, and safety).

All that, and more, on this episode of Transit Unplugged.

If you want to know more about DTC, you can check out their website.

Remember to check out to learn from top transit professionals and stay up to date to catch all the latest episodes.

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