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Episode 033: Transit Unplugged Podcast - Tina Quigley
Tina Quigley – Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada

“It’s important that we are connecting with the community constantly to share with them what we are up to and to figure out what it is they need from us.”

Tina Quigley wanted to be a pilot when she grew up. When she realized that, unfortunately, that wasn’t an option she studied airport planning and business. After spending 15 years at McCarran Airport, she joined the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) as Deputy General Manager. Now General Manager, Tina is joined by MJ Maynard (Deputy General Manager) where they discuss how they can maximize opportunities because of the unique structure of the RTC. Tina shares how 100% of RTC’s service is contracted out. The two also discuss ridership, farebox recovery, autonomous vehicles, and a ton of technology the transportation space should use to its advantage. As Tina says, “Technology is the new asphalt.”

If you want to know more about RTC, you can check out their website.

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