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Enterprise Rail

Efficiently plan, operate and manage rail operations while consistently delivering an engaging passenger experience. The enterprise suite spans automatic fare collection, scheduling and planning, enterprise asset management, workforce management, passenger information tools, yard management and more..

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Fixed Planning & Scheduling for Rail

When it comes to railroad scheduling and planning, there are four key areas to focus on: robust schedules (a timetable plan that can recover from any delays or incidents, usually by having slack time built in); punctual service; connection possibilities (so it’s easy for passengers to connect from one type of transportation to another); and capacity (providing longer trains or more trains).

Railway scheduling can be complex and difficult - but we’ve got resources to help you improve it so you can optimize your schedules and meet passengers’ demands.

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Traveler Information for Rail

As trains head to their stations, passengers use mobile apps or signage to check for delays and access real-time information. Studies actually show that offering passengers real-time information and the latest traveler information (via apps, websites etc.) can increase ridership and decrease complaints.

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Intelligent Transportation Systems for Rail

Traditional CAD/AVL systems send large quantities of data to dispatchers which can become overwhelming.

In this process priorities can be lost leading to inefficent practice and unsastified riders.

The Trapeze TransitMaster CAD/AVL shows your dispatchers the top priorities to keep the information organized and the dispatchers efficient.

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Operations Management for Rail

Running a railroad never stops. Overnight crews conduct night work on tracks, mechanical teams are on call, and trains are always departing.

Besides just managing all these employees and ensuring they’re showing up and at the right locations, you also have to navigate complex pay rules and timekeeping matters. That’s where our workforce management tools for rail can help.

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Enterprise Asset Management for Rail

Keeping track of a railroad’s assets is complex. You have to track all transit infrastructure including rolling stock, facilities, track, maintenance of way and much more.

Regular safety briefings have to take place - morning track inspections, operating systems checks, brake checks, and even flag protection coordination for any malfunctioning crossings. Tracks need to be clear and track authority given before your trains line up and depart for their stations.

Trapeze EAM allows you to manage all these complex assets so you can reduce the cost of owning and operating assets/infrastructure, while extending their life, and keeping them safe to operate.

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Automated Rail Fare Collection

Imagine this: with the tap of passenger fare cards at the auto-pay machines, passengers can board faster and not have to worry about searching for cash as they embark. Plus, automated fare collection can help you keep track of rider data (in the future, down to the detail of how many first-time transit users are traveling by time-of-day at each station, or by demographic details).

This type of big data improves your customers’ experiences - find out more how our AFC solutions for rail can help.

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