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Enterprise Rail

Efficiently plan, operate and manage rail operations while consistently delivering an engaging passenger experience. The enterprise suite spans automatic fare collection, scheduling and planning, enterprise asset management, workforce management, passenger information tools, yard management and more..

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Fixed Planning & Scheduling for Rail

Every day your transit agency faces the competing challenges of increasing ridership, reducing vehicle and operator costs while at the same time improving service for your riders.

To achieve balanced success with these goals, you need to start with truly effective route planning and scheduling.

We provide powerful blocking, rostering, routing, runcutting and scheduling solutions that provide true flexibility for your agency.

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Traveler Information for Rail

Offering a superior customer experience is becoming an increasingly important mandate at your transit agency. We know how important it is for your staff and customers to have access to information from your agency where they want it, when they need it.

Trapeze offers a full suite of traveler information technologies that deliver schedule and real-time information to your rail passengers.

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Intelligent Transportation Systems for Rail

Traditional CAD/AVL systems send large quantities of data to dispatchers which can become overwhelming.

In this process priorities can be lost leading to inefficent practice and unsastified riders.

The Trapeze TransitMaster CAD/AVL shows your dispatchers the top priorities to keep the information organized and the dispatchers efficient.

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Operations Management for Rail

Managing your rail operations can lead to many logistical and administrative headaches.

There may be hundreds of employees to schedule, frequent signs ups, complex pay rules and agreements and even more.

Trapeze OPS is designed to simplify these strenuous tasks with complete and easy-to-use automated solutions.

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Enterprise Asset Management for Rail

Your organization is focused on providing a safe and reliable public transportation service. To achieve these goals, you need asset and work management tools that track your equipment and infrastructure over their lifetime.

Trapeze EAM allows you to reduce the cost of owning and operating assets/infrastructure, while extending their life, and keeping them safe to operate.

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Automatic Rail Fare Collection

A critical responsibility for you as transit authorities will always be cash management. We are aware that many agencies are migrating towards offering modern fare media such as smart cards and mobile phones.

Our modular approach allows integration of new Trapeze products into your legacy fare collection equipment to provide higher utility to existing investments.

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