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It won’t make you fly, but it may be the next best thing.

You understand that meeting union and safety rules is paramount to decreasing agency risk, minimizing costs and showing riders you’re reliable. You work hard every day to ensure your agency is compliant. But transit heroes like you want to go beyond mere compliance and gain critical insights into the actions of your employees from operators to administrative staff.


Your job is complicated. Get the help you need to excel at it.

Let self-service tools automate your business processes, improve communication and empower your employees to securely view and update information that is important to them – at their convenience. Allow employees to enter bid requests online and automatically process them. In other words, save your day at the touch of a button.

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Case Study
Omnitrans Ups The Ante For Passengers
Managing FMLA, Surprise FTA Audits, and Automating your Workforce
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Solution Overview

There’s more to Workforce Management than meets the eye

Managing a workforce entails harnessing a lot of moving pieces.
How can these enhancements help you?
Yard Management
The right driver on the right bus, ready for an on-time pull-out
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Tackle Absenteeism
Do you know where your operators are? Trapeze can help.
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Shave Weeks off the Operator Bid Process: A Palm Tran OPS Story
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