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Reduce call center volume. Capture critical data. Empower your riders

Traveler experience solutions ensure that you retain vital passenger data; empower users to become transit savvy with usable online tools; and decrease call center volume by driving riders to digital channels. Providing agency-branded, real-time information helps you reduce costs, while advancing the digital transformation of your agency.


Give paratransit passengers total access and the freedom to choose

Enable passengers to manage trips easily and independently. While web and telephone should remain part of the mix, a mobile-first approach is the clear winner if you’re looking at how to spend resources to reach riders, reduce call volume and make paratransit operations more efficient.

Resources hand-picked by your Trapeze experts

From emojis to trip booking: minding the digital accessibility gap
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WMATA increases credibility & delivers real time trip updates to riders
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How CATA Improved Paratransit No Show Accuracy

There’s more to these solutions than meet the eye

A lot goes into providing the right experience for paratransit riders. Which tools will support your service best?
The New PASS App
Rev up the paratransit experience with an app built just for them.
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EZ Wallet
Give paratransit independence while saving money for your agency.
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Self-Service Tools
Learn how to improve the paratransit experience & streamline your operations in this quick video.
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Banish bothersome no-shows with a few keystrokes and never have a passenger miss a trip again.

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  • Time savings by planning for special situations

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