2018 Conference Recap
Sunday June 3RD 2018
Monday June 4TH 2018
Tuesday June 5TH 2018
Wednesday June 6TH 2018
Sunday June 3RD 2018
9:08 AM
Getting Ready for Our Attendees
Our team has been working to create the best possible conference for you. And this is a perfect example of an amazing execution. Looking forward to welcoming you in a couple of hours!
Registration In Action
​A full shot of our registration set-up. People are starting to trickle in. Hope you’re ready for customized t-shirts as a token of our warm welcome!
1:00 PM
2:30 PM
Time for Customized T-Shirts
Customized conference t-shirts?! Yes – you can choose from a variety of designs and we’ll print it on your t-shirt live!
Welcome Reception Under Way
And that’s a wrap for Sunday. We’re so happy to meet you all in person – catching up with old friends and connecting with new ones!
8:00 PM
Monday June 4TH 2018
8:30 AM
Opening Keynote - Jim Carroll
We’re kicking off the conference with a keynote presentation from Jim Carroll, a leading global futurist, trends, and innovations expert. He talked about how even though the Jetsons show was released in the 1960s, fast forward to current times, most of the things that were mentioned are already a reality - such as video calls, drones, self-driving cars and more. And what does this new reality mean for transit agencies? He said we need to try to put into place what you need to do to support your community.
Trapeze Group x Microsoft Azure
We just announced how we chose Microsoft Azure to be our official cloud platform. It will power crucial transit tech solutions that enable public transit agencies to be more agile, secure, and comply with the latest regulations.
9:15 AM
9:45 AM
Tech Tour with NMTA
Attendees got a chance to take a tour of Nashville as well as the opportunity to look at what’s behind the scenes at Nashville MTA’s facilities.
Lunch Keynote - Navya - Ready for Autonomous Vehicles?
Chris Pauly, Director of Business Development from Navya, shared a few examples of use cases for Autonomous Vehicles (AV) in the States - the University of Michigan and Las Vegas. Jeff Moore, our VP of Industry Solutions and Alliances, highlighted our current efforts in Europe by mixing real-world simulations with the AV experience.
12:45 PM
1:00 PM
ThinkTransit Awards of Excellence - Advancement Category
​Congratulations to TransLink! The Advancement category recognizes transit agencies, organizations, and individuals who are striving to expand the boundaries of transit. Seeking to make the seemingly impossible, possible, and redefining the shape of success in the process.
ThinkTransit Awards of Excellence - Innovation Category
Congratulations to Oahu Transit! The Innovation category recognizes transit agencies, organizations, and individuals who are thinking differently about how we ride transit (this might include new multi-modal transit, new fare technology, autonomous vehicles etc.).
1:05 PM
1:10 PM
ThinkTransit Awards of Excellence - Alliance Category
​Congratulations to COTA! The Alliance category recognizes a strong alliance or partnership with Trapeze. Over the course of the year, Trapeze industry experts have numerous dialogues and lead many initiatives alongside transit agencies. Every year, one agency takes the alliance to a whole new level.
ThinkTransit Awards of Excellence - Community Building Category
​Congratulations to Stuart Gerber from ETS! The Community Building category recognizes individuals who are actively demonstrating leadership on the Trapeze Collaborate customer community. Whether it is through an ongoing exchange in forums, answering questions or submitting new ideas for improvement, these individuals are improving the community.
1:15 PM
1:30 PM
Session - How Community Transit Uses EAM to Improve Fleet Performance and Cost-effectiveness
Community Transit shared their insights on how the best maintenance system is through predictive maintenance. Their agency was also about to reach an overall 93% success for labor hour accounting.
The Autonomous Vehicle Experience
If you haven’t tried out the autonomous vehicle yet, there are still some spots left! Check out the departure board to ensure you catch the next ride.
2:30 PM
3:00 PM
The Solution Center
We made several announcements about upgrades and new features for our products earlier today. Make sure to try them out! Your product experts will be available to answer any questions you may have and facilitate the demos.
Good Night!
It was an action-packed day. We hope everyone is getting a good night rest and can’t wait to hear what new things you’ll learn tomorrow!
7:00 PM
Tuesday June 5TH 2018
7:02 AM
Breakfast Is Served!
​Early bird gets the worm! We just started serving breakfast a couple of minutes ago and already we see a line forming. Looks like people are all ready for today’s lineup of sessions.
Session - How HSR Is Tackling Rising Customer Expectations*
Dennis Guy from HSR had an interesting session in which one of the key highlights was getting the attendees to think about how each of the touch points in a customer’s journey was evoking an emotional response and improving that aspect.
*Winner of the 2018 Award of Excellence for Best Live ThinkTransit Session
8:17 AM
9:00 AM
Session - Addressing Rising Paratransit Costs
One of the key highlights was from Chad Hockman who said that transit agencies should “be clear on what [their] KPIs are and communicate that to [their] contractors and hold them accountable for that.”
CEO Roundtable - Lauren Skiver
Lauren Skiver, CEO of SunLine Transit, shared her insights on the culture aspect of how transit executives should run their public transit agency.
12:00 AM
12:05 AM
CEO Roundtable - Robert Schneider
Robert Schneider, the Executive Director of PRTC, shares his insights on the role of the Board for public transit agencies.
CEO Roundtable - Gary Rosenfeld
Gary Rosenfeld, CEO of MATA, shared his insights on how transit agencies can deliver great public transit experiences for riders.
12:10 AM
2:00 PM
Golf Tournament
Most attendees had a free afternoon once lunch was over and then there were some that opted for the golf tournament. They all looked ready (and competitive!) to play some golf in this nice summer weather. That’s it for today; tune in tomorrow for the last day of the conference!
Wednesday June 6TH 2018
8:15 AM
Session - Vehicle Intelligence: MARTA's Take on Predictive Maintenance
MARTA is sharing their insights with their attendees on how transit agencies can leverage vehicle intelligence to tell the maintenance department what’s wrong with their vehicles. Predictive maintenance is on the rise!
Session - I Know Trapeze Products Integrate, But How?
Some key comments that we’d like to share with you:
  • “Good integration feels like magic.”
  • “Integration isn’t a technical problem, it’s a business problem - understand your goal and what you’re trying to do.”
  • “Make your services more resilient, more nimble.”
9:40 AM
10:50 AM
Session - Pace Deploys Next Generation TransitMaster In-Vehicle Solutions
People are starting to trickle into Pace’s session! They’re providing attendees with a detailed account on their phased approach for the implementation and getting the rest of agency on board. Pace is also sharing positive feedback from their operators. One of the best comments we saw was “Picked it up right away…no training required.”
Session - Your Journey to the Cloud
There are three reasons for moving to the cloud:
  1. Compliance, in the security sense
  2. Scalability
  3. Don’t need to have own infrastructure since the cost of hosting is expensive
And we’ll leave you with this thought: “Cloud is a method and a model - not a location. It’s a process that allows companies to provide IT services dynamically.”
11:15 AM
12:15 PM
Mark Miller, Global CEO of Trapeze Group, Takes the Stage!
Mark shares a quick recap of what happened at the conference in the past couple of days. We’re also watching a fun video in which Mark asks the locals what they think MTA stands for.
Keynote - Stephen Bland - CEO of Nashville MTA
Stephen is talking about how at the end of the day, “public transit is giving people the ability to break away from their confinements to something bigger and better – access to medical care, special events, graduations, and the likes”.
12:25 AM
2:00 PM
Session - Improving Your ADA Eligibility Process Through the Use of Technology
Annettia Huff from MTA shares the agency’s mobility certification eligibility process as well as insights they’ve learned from the various issues – such as reports, letters, and user-defined fields – that they had to resolve.
Session - Projected Rising Costs of Paratransit Service Policy Changes
Ana Hoffman from TransHelp is speaking on how they’re changing their services, especially the eligibility part to comply with the new regulation changes. One of their changes is through restructuring their management team. Michael Glauner from KCMT shared how they’re leveraging feedback from their work groups (which are comprised of a range of individuals from current Access riders to members of paratransit advocacy groups) and making amendments to their RFP.
3:23 PM
7:30 PM
Closing Reception
We’re having a great time on the boat cruise and want to close it off by wishing you a great night! That’s it for the 2018 ThinkTransit conference - we hope you had an amazing time meeting other transit professionals and got some new tips and tricks that you can start implementing at your agency in the coming weeks. Also, stay tuned for a full conference recap post on our blog soon. See you in 2019!